2015: the best year ever for Connexia with € 7.5 m turnover

The positive trend continues for Connexia as it closed 2015 with a € 7.5 million turnover, which is 20% up on the previous year and confirms the Milan-based agency as one of the most innovative and reliable communication agencies.

The excellent result was produced by Connexia’s mix of creative, strategic and analytic talents that have enabled the agency to strengthen relations with its existing clients and consolidate the portfolio, particularly in the automotive sector. It is also consistently involved in tenders and consultancy work as the go-to strategic partner for many brands both nationally and internationally, particularly in the food and beverage and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Connexia currently employs eighty people led by Paolo d’Ammassa, who recently made Panorama’s list of the 21 brilliant Italian innovators that attended the Singularity University, together with Simone Cremonini (Client Service Director), Letizia Giottoli (Chief Operating Officer) and Massimiliano Trisolino (Chief Strategy Officer), who joined the agency last May.

The Connexia team made a real difference in 2015 by successfully maximising the agency’s outstanding aptitude for conveying brand values and ideas, creating unique experiences and proposing solutions for every imaginable channel from digital, social media and mobile to events, PR and media relations.

Also in 2015, Connexia played an extremely prominent role in the extraordinary showcase that was Expo 2015; it seized every possible opportunity for visibility and engagement for its client brands, offering them strategies and initiatives that unfailingly generated high-value experiences.

“We are very proud of the results produced by the entire team and the trust placed in us by the market,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia, “We approach every client and their needs by looking at what makes them unique. We are open to trying new things, plus we are inquisitive and brave in how we suggest unconventional as well as conventional initiatives that are never trite.”

“2015 was packed with new ventures and experiences; we produced our first five branded content projects and at the same time joined Osservatorio Branded Entertainment.”
“Furthermore, we took the top management from a major Italian company on a “digital safari”, a unique digital immersion in the ten most innovative companies in the heart of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, California. We created a memorable experience that definitely helped the twelve participants to change how they think about and approach business.
2016 kicks off with three major acquisitions, which we will announce in the coming weeks. In terms of content, we reckon that this is the year in which recognising the value of DATA will be pivotal with regard to analysis, execution and optimisation, leveraging our role in the Doxa Group, Italy’s leading independent market research company, and recognising the central role of data as a strategic driver.”