2,660,000 views for HoMedics branded content

Over 2,660,000 views for the digital branded entertainment project created by Connexia for HoMedics, the leading manufacturer of home relaxation and wellness products.

Connexia involved YouTuber Tess Masazza, the fun, multitalented creator of, a platform about the daily lives of women and their existential dramas portrayed from a deliberately comedic and glamorous angle.
Tess talks about the world of women in the different content with a tongue-in-cheek approach and a touch of glamour.

Tess was the star of the episode about hair removal by Insopportabilmente Donna, the whimsical, irreverent web series about women’s bad habits and obsessions. HoMedics and Connexia produced a branded content operation on social media channels in which the HoMedics Duo Pro IPL epilator solved the problems encountered by poor Tess as she experienced the joy and pain of hair removal faced by every woman at least once in her life.
The redemption exceeded all expectations: 2,660,000 views and more than 36,900 shares on Facebook.