700,000 views for the Valentine’s Day video by Betfair and Connexia

For Betfair Connexia created a new, original guerrilla campaign for Valentine’s Day especially for some football fans who were offered the opportunity to Cash Out from the usual, mundane 14th February celebration.

Unlike traditional betting, Cash Out, the innovative Betfair product, lets you lock in a profit or cut your losses during a match, race or sports event and cash out your winnings at any time before it finishes. Cash Out is an active, engaging way to experience betting that lets you make the decisions and take control of the situation without having to passively wait until the event has finished.

Inspired by Cash Out, Betfair asked a simple question: do you just put up with the “same-old” Valentine’s Day and wait to see how it plays out, or do you step in, Cash Out and seize the moment?
Those who chose the second option took part in a highly original initiative thanks to which they could combine the loves of their life: football and the girlfriend.

Several ladies who were totally unaware of what was going on were “serenaded” on 14th February in a way that they certainly won’t forget for a very long time. A group of ultras visited the “lucky ladies” with help from their boyfriends and sang them a very special stadium anthem: melodies from traditional stadium anthems had their lyrics altered so the man in question could declare his love to his girlfriend.

The initiative was promoted in the media and online with a video that got over 700,000 views on the brand’s Facebook page. Betfair also had a special thought for all the girlfriends of Milan, Juventus and Napoli fans and played the best-known fan songs reworked with romantic words of love.