Brand ON: the latest innovation from Doxa & Connexia

Doxa and Connexia have pooled their expertise to create BRAND ON, a platform that enables marketers and communication managers to understand, explore and gain insight from the behaviour of target audiences on social networks.

The framework was jointly developed by Doxa and Connexia analysts and features four complementary modules:

  • BRAND PERCEPTION know your digital sentiment: a snapshot of the brand sentiment taken by identifying relevant conversations, analysing conversation content, and verifying the sentiment about products and services.
  • BEHAVIOUR ANALYSISknow your social audience: careful analysis of active users with a real interest in the brand.
  • SOCIAL CRM know your customer: getting to know customers/fans is key when devising targeted communication actions, carrying out periodic editorial reviews, identifying topics that will definitely interest target audiences, and applying user cluster analysis to plan customised advertising actions with custom audiences.
  • SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE know your industry: comparative objective analysis helps determine the performance levels of recognised competitors and assess their market position, social media strategies, and loyalty initiatives.

BRAND ON has ambitious goals: to offer brands strategic assets for exploring, understanding and steering user/customer behaviour.

The social data analysis platform meshes perfectly with the skill set of Doxa and Connexia, and enables us to:

  • know the target audience, the brand’s position with regard to its competitors, and the social behaviour of the brand’s customers, lovers and prospects.
  • enhance CRM with information gleaned from the users’ natural behaviour.
  • identify user clusters and perfect the relevant targets to fine-tune ever-more effective advertising strategies and content.
  • collect data and gain insight for exploring new areas of business.

“Analysing online conversations and the behaviour of customers, brand lovers and prospects on social properties means continually getting to know a brand even better as well as its customers’ habits, competitors and the real perception of the audiences so that you can devise effective on- and offline communication strategies,” said Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa.BRAND ON offers brands a real competitive advantage as it guarantees to intercept, analyse and capitalise on the distinctive differential of each brand with regard to its target market.”

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“Marketers ask us for marketing and communication strategies based on real data and not on the creative director’s gut feeling.” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Brand On is our response to the market; it strengthens our bond with Doxa and naturally validates our inimitable approach: we pay the utmost attention to the different clusters and their behaviour and zero in the communication and marketing actions based on objective data and analysis. For example, from brand affinity we can spot links between one brand and another, analyse user behaviour and build truly effective co-marketing initiatives. This opportunity to steer strategies and actions in the right direction will be a real added value for brands.”

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