Calabiana Hub, the new heart of milanese events

Behind Porta Romana train station now stands Calabiana-Hub in an up-and-coming area of Milan that looks set to become the next must-see place in the city. A place that blends culture with innovation, and will initiate new fashions, trends and ideas which are sure to embody the new spirit of Milan.

Once upon a time this dynamic yet elegant event space was a printing works where the first copies of the classic Italian novel, The Betrothed, were printed in the early 19th century. Taken over by the businesswoman Marina Salamon, Calabiana-Hub perfectly spans the past and the future, featuring industrial architecture mixed with a modern, avant-garde style that creates a charming, versatile venue.

Calabiana Fashion, Digital and Creative Hub

The future is digital and Calabiana-Hub embodies the essence of this concept thanks to the Talent Garden, the largest European digital coworking network,” said Marina Salamon, “But the future is also about fashion and trends, the other side of the Calabiana-Hub spirit. Altana (, Italy’s leading childrenswear company, and Save The Duck (, the famous duck-free down jackets, are two brands that have chosen Calabiana for their showroom and headquarters respectively, transforming the venue into a go-to place for fashion and proving that this industrial area is set to become one of the hubs for Milanese creativity and culture with Calabiana-Hub at the forefront”

A versatile, elegant and modern event venue

The architecture of Calabiana-Hub combines metal, concrete and glass, mixing the materials into evocative spaces spanning the past and future. The heart and soul of this venue are personified by light, an integral part of the design that transforms the space into the ideal place for organising events that exude and convey innovation, change, trends and creativity.

Myriad solutions are available for anyone wishing to transform an idea into a spectacular event: creative workshops, meeting rooms, green spaces, a contemporary restobar, a terrace with a swimming pool, and a large room covering over 1,200 m2 with a private entrance.

Calabiana-Hub truly is an avant-garde, international, versatile and cultural hub, where you can feel inspired and let the inspiration flow freely to create the languages of tomorrow.

Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6 – 20139 Milan
Tel 02.813.5541 int 404 — —

Marina Salamon is a businesswoman and the majority shareholder of the Alchimia spa holding company, which is listed in the Mediobanca report as one of the top 180 financial corporations in Italy. Over the years, Alchimia has continued to strengthen its assets, capitalising its subsidiaries’ profits to sustain their development and allocating a portion of the profits to charity projects ( In addition to Calabiana-Hub, Alchimia controls Altana, the leading childrenswear company; Doxa, Italy’s premier market search firm, including its subsidiaries Doxa Digital, Doxa Marketing Advice, Doxa Pharma, Duepuntozero Research (,, and Connexia (, the digital communication agency.