Connexia and THINGS @ the World Communication Forum

Connexia, Italy’s premier multichannel agency for digital PR, social media marketing, interactive solutions and PR, and THINGS, Italy’s top Internet of Things agency, will be at the World Communication Forum, two days of events focusing on communication and digital innovation which takes place at Palazzo Mezzanotte on 10th and 11th April.

Pier Paolo Bardoni, the CEO and founder of THINGS, will open the proceedings at the forum at 9.00 on 11th April with a keynote speech about “Connected Products: Expanding the Experience Ecosystem”: the brand experience is effective when there are ecosystems defined by touch points that have a real distinctive value. From this perspective connected products pave the way for hybrid digital-physical experiences and can be seen by consumers as more valid, innovative touch points.

Paolo d’Ammassa, the CEO and founder of Connexia, will be one of the leaders in the Conversations with Digital Innovation Leaders, a session about content management and social media at 12.15: the new challenge for marketing in the era of digital convergence.

Paolo d’Ammassa will be discussing Storytelling and ROI: creating value and measuring returns in the marketing process.