Connexia, Duepuntozero Research and Things at social media week with “The evolution of the sharing paradigm”

Connexia, Italy’s premier multichannel communication agency for digital PR, media relations, and web and mobile solutions, Duepuntozero Research DOXA, the innovative research agency that specialises in digital environments, and THINGS, the leading design and innovation agency with a focus on the Internet of Things, are taking part in Social Media Week with an event entitled “The evolution of the sharing paradigm” at 17.30 on 21st February.

The four-in-one event takes a closer look at sharing and explores its future possibilities and opportunities. The event runs from 17.30 to 20.30 in the Milan offices at Via Panizza 7, and features the following agenda:

Book reading with Marta Mainieri, the author of “Collaboriamo! Come i Social Media ci aiutano a lavorare and vivere bene in tempo di crisi”, a book published by Hoepli. Contributions from Luca Conti, the editor of the Web & Marketing 2.0 series by Hoepli and the author of “Lavoro e carriere” with LinkedIn.

Three parallel sessions designed to reveal the evolution of the sharing paradigm.
Session 1 – From Big Data to Relevant Data

Federico Capeci (Duepuntozero Research DOXA)

There is no longer any point wondering IF we should monitor social media, instead we should ask HOW and WHY we do it: this is why Duepuntozero DOXA has developed nine possible social media analysis goals involving nine company functions to guide social monitoring. So we start with the goals and then identify the relevant data that will help generate insights, and, consequently, the system of crawling, analysis, people and the most suitable dashboards.

After the approach and tools have been presented, Pepe Moder, Head of Digital at Pirelli Auto, will explain the process used by Pirelli. At the end there will be a speed consultancy session during which Duepuntozero Research will offer free advice about setting up monitoring systems with 10′ private meetings (advance booking is required:


Paolo D’Ammassa and Marta Mainieri (CONNEXIA), Pierpaolo Bardoni (THINGS)

Once companies have collected thousands of fans on their brand page, it’s time for them to focus on the quality of their audience: nowadays it seems inevitable that a quality fan should have a real, hand-on brand experience in order to become an influencer and advocate. Thanks to the latest online evolutions, brands can enjoy incredible social benefits from a new category of products. Social products, which are closely linked to the vision of the Internet of Things, gather intelligence from sensors, actuators and from network data thanks to their connection to the internet. Social products become the physical interface of social networking activities, and share their status and information to reveal the daily experience with the brand. Connexia and THINGS will explore the social product scene and analyse their relationship with social media and how they influence the brand-consumer relationship.

Silvio Cioni (THINGS), Claudio Moderini (Domus Academy)

In recent years we have witnessed the genesis of new services based on people with similar business goals and activities sharing resources. In particular we have seen the emergence of different COWORKING models as a response to the need of professionals not only to share structures, but also their need to promote special coworking methods to help new types of businesses. To this end, the new COWORKING services must consider innovative methods of space sharing, successfully support coworking practices, enable productive relationships, and promote new opportunities for work. The presentation will preview the results of the design workshop Progressive Coworking – Experimental Formats for Innovative Work Experiences run by Domus Academy, a post-university design school (within the Interaction Design and Service and Experience Design masters) in conjunction with THINGS, the leading design and innovation agency with a focus on the Internet of Things.