Connexia presents the Social Command Center

A huge room, a wall studded with interactive monitors, a team of data scientists and social media specialists and at the heart of all this is the driver par excellence: data.

This is Connexia’s Social Command Center, a center of excellence for analyzing real-time conversations and social engagement KPIs that is invaluable on two fronts: it offers a tool to help brands embarking on digital transformation and provides a bona fide control room where we can monitor conversations happening around our client brands.

Thanks to a dashboard designed for observing the brands’ digital footprint in real time and analyzing online conversations, Connexia’s control room enables our specialists to oversee events and launch campaigns, perform online crisis management, and even take targeted action on every digital touchpoint.

This means we can analyze real-time sentiment and localize conversations about a topic under analysis: from the control room Connexia’s analysts monitor the global map of social behavior and influencer interactions by each individual industry. They can outline the trends in a given time period and highlight their relevance, plus they can also take a closer look at the data with detailed studies rights down to viewing individual posts.

Connexia’s Social Command Center also plays as essential role as a platform for planning all real-time marketing activities: being able to root out and get ahead of the new trends and measure engagement indicators offers an incredible competitive advantage to brands that chose to play an active leading role in social media conversations as they can “steer” the conversations rather than simply watch them unfold.

“Connexia has recognized the important and strategic role data now plays in benefiting advertising and brand communication,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s Chief Strategy Officer, “Never before has creativity had to start from, rely on and be steered by data and objective behavior: reactivity is the key to success.

But since being reactive also means making ultra-fast decisions so you can strategically interact with consumers, who are increasingly used to conversing with brands in real time, nowadays we cannot implement any communication strategy unless the data has been carefully measured and analyzed first.

This is why we interpret the analytics produced by the Social Command Center to offer our clients targeted consulting services as well as in-house support for the tool setup.”