Connexia to manage Decathlon’s social brand presence in Italy

Decathlon, the French company and leading global developer, manufacturer and retailer of sports goods, has appointed Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven marketing and communication agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, to manage the brand’s social channels in Italy.

The aim is to bring Decathlon even closer to its fans by communicating with them through the top social channels to strengthen the brand’s mission of “sparking the desire” to practise sport and making the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.

The values of vitality and responsibility are associated with a passion for sport and the professional growth of individuals. Decathlon strives to ensure these values are experienced in relations both within and outside the company, and Connexia is the best partner to help the company succeed with this ambitious project.

Connexia has many years of experience and expertise creating and developing projects that incorporate data analysis, strategic thinking and creativity so is well placed to manage Decathlon’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels, conveying the brand’s products, services and “universe” while interacting with the immense fanbase. Decathlon has allocated a budget for social advertising campaigns and social media training for employees in stores throughout Italy and Connexia is tasked with ensuring it is used to maximum effect.

“Our mission is to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all,” said Mirko Lippa, the Dialogue Manager for Decathlon Italia. “This is why we at Decathlon have been doing what we love for so many years: we create passion brand products so that everyone can find the right product for their sport, codevelop innovative products, and create the desire in people to get fully involved in a unique experience.

It is essential for us to create a unique, personalised dialogue with our users/customers so we work hard every day to transmit this passion through our social channels. We’ve tasked Connexia with this challenge as it has the expertise to translate our needs into creative results, and we are confident that we will successfully accomplish these goals together.”

“We pride ourselves on achieving our customers’ marketing and advertising goals every day,” said Massimiliano Trisolino, the Chief Strategy Officer of Connexia. “At Decathlon, innovation is at the heart every activity from research and concepts to design and development: throughout the production chain the Decathlon team always channels its incredible energy and passion into making appealing, simple yet technical products. We believe that Connexia is the best partner to convey the client’s value system, devising and building uniquely relevant projects in which how we define the communication strategies for Decathlon’s social channels and our social media management skills will make the difference.”