Connexia to manage Ve Interactive’s PR and digital PR

Ve Interactive, the world-leading technology company that develops online advertising and onsite conversion solutions for digital platforms, has appointed Connexia, the data-driven marketing and communication agency which is part of the Doxa Group and one of the top multichannel players, to manage its PR and digital PR activities in Italy.

The goal: to strengthen the brand’s position on the Italian market, increase brand awareness and provide editorial initiatives, PR activities and media relations to support the launch of new products.

Connexia has many years of experience and expertise creating and developing projects that incorporate data analysis, strategic thinking and creativity so is well placed to manage corporate and product communications for Ve Interactive Italia, conveying the unique qualities and exclusive values of a young yet rapidly growing brand that operates in e-commerce space and all environments with platforms that use contact forms and have rapidly evolving interaction methods and numbers.

Founded in London in 2009 and operational in Italy since 2015, Ve Interactive has thirty-six offices worldwide and works with over 10,000 e-commerce clients in twenty-six languages. Ranked as one of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2017 by the Financial Times, Ve Interactive creates and perfects new DATA-driven technologies: its systems collect billions of online audience data points in real-time and blends them with third-party data to increase customer performance. Deep segmentation and analysis enables Ve Interactive to produce anonymised datasets which drive VeAds – high-performance digital advertising technology – and VePanel – its suite of live tools that helps online platforms to better acquire, engage and covert customers.

“Our communication has focused purely on product over the past year. By focusing on the uniqueness of the technologies, we wanted the market and the stakeholders to concentrate on an innovative formula: choose a partner that “helps” websites with attracting more traffic, off-site retargeting and on-site optimisation,” said Mattia Zara, the Commercial Director of Ve Interactive Italia. “We aim to strengthen our position in 2017 with an ongoing PR campaign that unfolds right through the year and by attending key industry events throughout Italy. We want to create a clear-cut, linear image of Ve by giving our brand a decidedly more human touch and focusing on the unique and innovative qualities of our products. We are confident that choosing a partner of the calibre of Connexia will help us to successfully accomplish these goals.”

“We pride ourselves on achieving our customers’ marketing and advertising goals every day,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia, “We create and develop projects that incorporate a blend of analytics, strategic thinking and creativity. Just like at Ve Interactive, data forms the building blocks for each one of our business and communication strategies. We are positive that our data-driven PR and consultancy services will give this dynamic young company exactly what it needs to succeed.”