Connexia wins the SEM competition of “Turismo Torino”

Following a competition issued by the tourism organization “Turismo Torino e Provincia”, Connexia was entrusted with the management of an online promotion campaign for the Via Francigena in Piemonte, the ancient road once travelled by thousands of believers from all over Europe on pilgrimage to Rome.

Today, the francigen trails in Piemonte are not only suggestive paths of faith, but also routes suitable for everyone and an optimal excuse for a dive into history, nature and art, with the addition of an excellent food and wine tasting. This is the heart of the countryside the tourism agency chose to promote the ancient trail of pilgrimage.

The goal of the communication plan developed by Connexia is to provide a higher visibility of the tourist route in order to increase the flow of tourists in the territory, both Italian and foreign, especially from May to October. The key is valorizing the richness of the Via Francigena and directing potential tourists to the landing website of the promotional campaign established on the following website: