Doxa and Connexia enjoy Take Our Children to Work Day

Doxa and Connexia welcome «Take Our Children to Work Day».

For the first time the two Doxa Group companies, whose employees work over five floors of an elegant townhouse on Via B. Panizza, decided to take part in the «Bimbi in ufficio con mamma e papà» (Take Our Children to Work Day) initiative run by RCS – Corriere della Sera, which is now in its twenty-second year.

The goal: to open the company doors to the employees’ children for a day and show them where their mums and dads spend so much of their time when they are away from the family home.

Doxa and Connexia are set to welcome lots of children from 0 to 11 years old on Friday afternoon, 27 May, when they visit where their mums and dads work. The children will also be told a special story that will “come to life” as they join their parents in offices and meetings rooms for the first time.

3.30 p.m.: Juggling.

For Doxa and Connexia the choice of “juggling” was neither trivial nor made lightly.

The Juggling show for the children is organised by the young artists of Parada, an extraordinary nonprofit organisation that has been helping children and youngsters who live on the streets of Bucharest since 1992 by offering them human and social support and trying to give them a future.

So why choose Parada?

Over the years Parada has enabled many youngsters to rejoin their families, while others have created a future through education and a new job, and some of them have even become educators and artists, working and dedicating their time to combating abandonment and removing children and youngsters from the streets.

Another reason is that Parada is special and unique for Doxa and Connexia: the Doxa Group has provided office space in its headquarters in Milan for Parada and its workers to use free of charge for years.

The choice of organising the first «Take Our Children to Work Day» with artists from Parada is therefore also incredibly symbolic: it stems from sharing and social commitment and hopes to offer the children of Doxa and Connexia staff the unique opportunity to see a truly extraordinary show by Daniel Romila, an artist who has successfully given a real meaning to his own personal story and used his art to tell thousands of other stories about children and youngsters from the streets who have made it.

Thanks to the youngsters from Parada this “first time” was anything but trivial.