Doxa & Connexia launch #ReThink

Where there is a need for change and customers really understand the importance of innovating, you will find #ReThink, the digital transformation offering designed by Doxa and Connexia to encourage businesses to change their mindset.

#ReThink your business model

#ReThink your customer experience

#ReThink your communication

The #ReThink service is divided into four modules – Innovation Workshop, Business Hack, Business Competition and Transformation Experience – that are designed to guide managers and also galvanise them to dramatically change their approach to the market and their mindset when it comes to business management criteria.

Because business moves at a fast pace, and so do your competitors.

Because customers are increasingly used to getting answers in real time.

Because nowadays the smartphone has a major influence on purchasing decisions.

Because people talk about brands, products and services online whether companies like it or not.

Because Doxa and Connexia have the experience and digital skills, the talent for interpreting data and situations, and flexibility of interdisciplinary teams: all the pillars of the Doxa Group and the key elements of any challenge that involves effecting the type of change that companies are inevitably called upon to make if they want to be successful and retain a competitive edge.

This is why we created #ReThink, our invitation to get you rethinking business models, customer experiences and corporate communication. The four independent modules guide managers by transforming attitudes and thought processes that require extreme analytic ability and immense vision.

  • Innovation Workshop: the workshop sparks inspirational thinking and encourages managers to think disruptively with influences provided by the culture of innovation favoured by players like Facebook and Uber and sharing insights into the logic and dynamics used by exponential organisations.
  • Business Hack: during this two-day hackathon the participants work on group analysis and comparing businesses so they can generate new ideas and new development models by sharing goals and techniques.
  • Business Competition:this focuses on competition within and outside the company to motivate the managers to think on a digital and disruptive level. The competitions run for a maximum of two months during which the small teams are incentivised by a prize that is awarded at the end to the group that successfully delivers the most original, effective and sustainable proposal.
  • Transformation Experience: this digital safari to Silicon Valley exposes the participants to a fully immersive experience of meetings, workshops and opportunities to exchange ideas with the key players that have welcomed and steered digital transformation. They experience change as it happens and are given a different point of view that can inspire them to transform how their companies are organised.

“#ReThink is a new range of services inspired by our success with Welcome Travel, illycaffè and Yamaha that further enhances the group’s offering and provides an important vehicle for approaching Italy’s leading industrial firms,” said Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa. “Just as new technologies have transformed social environments, they are now transforming how companies do business at an incredible speed and industrial models will be revolutionised over the next few years. Companies now have to consider and recognise which business areas are likely to grow and develop and which areas will peak in the midterm. Italian companies find themselves competing in a market that differs profoundly from a decade or so ago and they need to innovate now. Using our programme we respond to their growing need for innovation, and we particularly want to encourage marketing and communication departments to experiment and understand that companies nowadays have to know how to back innovation as a driver if they want to create new business.”

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“Digital transformation processes impact every type of business.” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “The challenge is on and changes are happening now. We have the experience and skill set to help companies and their managers to seize every opportunity and calculate the risks associated with innovation, as we recently did with the innovation competition that we ran in partnership with Welcome Travel which proved to be an innovative proposal for the travel industry and for the networks of travel agencies. A hundred professionals were divided into twenty teams and pitted against each other for forty-five days; the most impressive team won a four-day trip to New York. We are experts at digital disruption and in daily contact with players such as Google, Facebook and Instagram, plus we are skilled at analysing data with the aim of supporting and driving proven changes, continually trying new challenges and taking opportunities to mix in stimulating environments, such as the Singularity University thanks to regular trips to the USA. We believe that this is the right time for companies to open their minds to experimenting something new, especially in marketing and communication departments where they have the opportunity to run simulations and measure results.”

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