ePRICE communicates with Connexia

Connexia is working with ePRICE, the leading online retailer of high-tech products and domestic appliances in Italy and subsidiary of Banzai, a company listed in the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock exchange.

Connexia is in charge of communications activities for ePRICE. It aims to promote the ecommerce platform in Italy and consolidate the role of the company by maximising the value of its strategies, advantages over its competitors, and the uniqueness of it ideas in the ecommerce market.

Connexia will be the strategic partner for ePRICE with an integrated communications project that includes targeted PR and Digital PR activities, involving online opinion leader and influencers, associated with the product, merchandising and special initiatives that will be launched in Italy. Connexia has also been assigned the strategic management of the ePRICE social channels with the aim of increasing brand awareness, creating engagement and upping consumer loyalty.

ePRICE launched the “Millennium Back” contest in June to celebrate its first fifteen years in business: devised by Connexia, which was behind the concept and creativity, the “back to the future” contest looked at how trends, innovations and technologies have evolved since 2000, when ePRICE first started. The first mobile phones were compared with new-generation smartphones, and legendary single-colour games, such as Snake, which fifteen years later have been transformed into interactive apps with immense social appeal: ePRICE has experienced this journey through time firsthand and remains the leading digital ecommerce channel in Italy.