Linea Light Group appoints Connexia to manage social channels and content strategy

Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven marketing and communication agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, has won the 4-bid tender to develop content strategy and manage all social media marketing activities for the Linea Light Group, which specialises in delivering fully-customised technical lighting solutions with cutting-edge LED technology know-how that guarantees sustainability, efficiency in any situation, and a 100% Italian quality service.

The Linea Light Group has tasked Connexia with managing the entire multichannel social strategy (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter) so they can strengthen the brand’s digital identity and enhance how the channels perform in terms of awareness and engagement. This strategy has an international flavour as it involves five countries (Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, and France) and aims to showcase the company’s strengths: experience and innovation, international vision and bespoke solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and precision craftsmanship.

“We are delighted to have an opportunity to work with the Linea Light Group. The brand has an absolute flair for understanding what makes a product unique, high quality and avant-garde and this sets it apart from its competitors,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “By strategically managing the social channels we aim to significantly contribute to the internalisation process of an all-Italian excellence like the Linea Light Group: a brand that cleverly blends technological innovation with craftsmanship and vision with tradition, all the elements that really motivate the Connexia team, which has always been particularly keen to manage Italy’s finest examples of excellence with the utmost skill and professionalism.”