Loacker appoints Connexia to manage worldwide PR and digital PR and social communications in Italy

Loacker, the Italian producer of wafers and chocolate specialities, has tasked Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven marketing and communication agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, with managing social media activities for the official properties in Italy, and also with managing media relations and digital PR as from January 2018.

Originally from Bolzano and now headquartered in Auna di Sotto, Loacker is one of the leading producers of wafers. Owned by the Loacker-Zuenelli family and currently run by the third generation, it has over ninety years of history, tradition, and success.

What first started out as a small confectioner’s shop in Bolzano town centre inspired by the passion of Alfons Loacker is now a global player that operates in over a hundred markets worldwide.

The reason behind such an extraordinary success is undoubtedly the special attention Loacker dedicates to selecting only the very finest quality ingredients: Italian hazelnuts, Bourbon vanilla pods, delicious cocoa, dark chocolate, premium quality milk, and fresh mountain water all expertly blended without the addition of any hydronated fats.

One of the corporate jewels in the “brand Italy” crown, Loacker has decided to entrust Connexia with handling social communications on Facebook and Instagram for the national market and managing all press office activities relating to corporate and product communications.

Connexia will also be coordinating all the PR and digital PR activities for the brand on a global scale.

“For a company like ours that continues to grow and expand, having an innovative agency to work with us that can provide the all-inclusive assistance and consistency we demand in our communications is absolutely vital,” said Yvonne Profanter, the Head of Communication at Loacker. With this precise goal in mind we decided to work with Connexia. The agency has a wealth of experience in social media management and public relations, so the choice was an easy one. We also expect the agency to provide invaluable support for our special projects and the initiatives involving special ambassadors, bloggers and influencers.”

“Loacker is a brand that we all immediately associate with enjoying tasty treats, often harking back to our childhoods. The brand has intelligently built a solid reputation for itself in the value-centric imagination of consumers, winning an elite space in hearts and on tables around the world and earning the title of love brand,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “This is a truly wonderful opportunity for our agency: businesses are increasingly more focused nowadays on making marketing and communications processes more efficient and cutting back on the number of professionals with which they have to work. They prefer working with an agency that won’t limit itself to developing a concept on multiple platforms, but instead can already “imagine” the content from a multichannel perspective.”

“Connexia is the perfect agency for creating and managing native content from an integrated, multichannel perspective, and building unique, credible storytelling experiences with the client, while also consolidating the agency’s role as the go-to solution for all communications in the food industry.”