MyBusyMeal gets round the table to do business with Connexia

By leveraging an integrated communication plan for PR and digital PR, Connexia managed the Italian launch of MyBusyMeal, the first geolocalized platform for professional social dining that helps professionals to meet up in 2.0 style for lunch, an after-work drink or dinner.

MyBusyMeal is available in five languages (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish), and can be accessed from any pc, tablet or smartphone. It takes traditional social network for professionals to the next level: from an online contact directory to real convivial meetings where people can exchange ideas and develop new business relationships and innovative projects.

These are the ideas at the heart of the MyBusyMeal concept, which was inspired by an idea by its cofounders Fabien and Sébastien Carraro, two French brothers of Italian extraction. MyBusyMeal has already captured the attention of the leading national newspapers and looks set to take the world of social networks for professionals by storm.

“After several meetings with other agencies, including some of international renown, we decided to work with Connexia, not just because of their communications expertise in Italy, but because they identify with the MyBusyMeal project and challenge: to become the leading European social dining website for professionals in 2014.” said Sébastien Carraro, cofounder of MyBusyMeal. “We have worked with a team that instantly understood our situation as a start-up and what we required: MyBusyMeal needed a set-up that shared our ideas and could convey them to the media and the general public. We are still working with Connexia today to raise awareness about this new tool and vision. Our next challenge? Contact Richard Branson and invite him to a BusyMeal!im to a BusyMeal!”

Just three weeks after the launch in Italy and the number of subscribers to the MyBusyMeal website have rocketed to more than 1,364 Italian BusyPeople. This is an excellent result and a major incentive that has positively influenced other countries around the world, surpassing 2,600 subscribers in over sixty countries. 61 BusyMeals have been organised to date, of which 33 were in Italy, and 87 BusyPartners (venues, restaurants and bars where BusyMeals can be held) have joined the network, of which 48 are in Italy. 48 are in Italy.