PhoenixWeb appoints Connexia and presents Sirio with Salvatore Aranzulla

PhoenixWeb, the Italian specialist in developing IT systems, and cloud and e-commerce applications, has appointed Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, to publicise Sirio, the first completely free professional management software for SMEs.

Sirio epitomises the brand’s values: a passion for innovation, attention to detail, and a focus on customer needs. The mission of the latest launch from PhoenixWeb: provide real support to digitise Italy by supporting SMEs, promoting the “Made in Italy” philosophy, and offering them efficient, user-friendly professional management software. That’s also completely free.

Sirio combines constantly updated functions with the innovative spirit of its developers, giving small and medium sized enterprises, which are the heart of Italy’s economic fabric, access to a management software console that does absolutely everything they need.

Connexia’s goal is to facilitate mutual awareness between Sirio and the SMEs, promote the product features, and explain its ease of use while also highlighting a vital element: it’s free.

Connexia created a communication strategy to increase Sirio’s brand awareness that is exclusive to social channels, and more specifically Facebook, the digital environment most commonly used by Italian users, where the content reach to engage large and very diverse targets can be maximised.

Video is the language of choice as it is the most popular with social users. Plus, it is the perfect format for illustrating Sirio’s functions in a disruptive tone of voice while conveying the identity of a revolutionary service designed by an Italian company for Italian companies.

Salvatore Aranzulla ( is the ideal testimonial for Sirio. He spreads the word on IT concepts in Italy and is the go-to guy for anyone getting to grips with technology. For Sirio he adopts the persona of ANGELO SALVATORE (angelo means angel and Salvatore means saviour, so a guardian angel in this context). Someone to turn to in a time of need who always knows how to help you like an angel showing you the right path to solve problems and save you from worrying.

This led to the creation of three short videos depicting the stories of three different people trying to cope with professional concerns and the daily difficulties associated with running a business:

  • Andrea and the Invoices;
  • Elena and the Suppliers; and
  • Paolo and the Books.

 “Luckily there’s someone to watch over us and our businesses. Salvatore” is the recurring cry from the three anxious entrepreneurs.

 “Il Salvatore” (The Saviour) is Salvatore Aranzulla, who comes to the rescue and advises them to use Sirio accounting management software.

The launch of Sirio was backed by a teaser campaign (21 September – 11 October) on Sirio’s official Facebook page. This is followed by a month-long video campaign that starts today on Sirio’s Facebook channel and on Salvatore’s official Facebook page. All the short videos close with an off-camera voice saying, “Another business has been saved today with Sirio.”

 “Italy has always been a hotbed for creatives and inventors. But we know how difficult it is for businesses in Italy to make headway; they face a thousand and one obstacles ranging from institutional red tape to complicated relations with the banks. Every day they have to cope with an inefficient country and system that remains standing solely thanks to the ability of SMEs to adapt to increasingly hostile economic and tax environments while still upholding standards of excellence and quality that are unmatched overseas,” said Massimiliano Cuttini, the CEO of PhoenixWeb. “I firmly believe that we can really help to make a change through innovation and digitalisation and that’s why I set up PhoenixWeb.”

“Over the past fourteen years we have developed so many diverse ad hoc solutions and cloud services that have changed the lives and processes of the companies that use them. We wanted to go one step further and create something that could make the difference in the lives of all Italian entrepreneurs.

Sirio was the obvious answer; a top-flight, cloud-based business management programme designed to be free of charge and used by all Italian business. It’s our best ever software and created to perfectly reflect the founding mission of PhoenixWeb: help businesses to innovate and promote the culture of digitalisation.”

“Sirio is one of those projects that in addition to being fun is also a real pleasure for us to do as an agency,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “We are well tuned in to all the issues associated with getting new technologies out there and bringing about digital transformation on all levels because we believe that you can only generate individual, business and collective benefits through innovation. This is the spirit with which we approach all our clients’ projects and we recently partnered the first SingularityU Italy Summit, giving us a hands-on experience of how innovation is already a reality and revolutionising how we live and work. SMEs are traditionally seen as the backbone of the Italian economy, and we can proudly say we have extraordinarily excellent and globally unique businesses here, so we are delighted to help introduce the Italian market to high-performance, cloud-based management software designed for SMEs that is easy to use and free of charge. A solution developed by an Italian company to meet the daily needs of other Italian companies and convey the value of innovation countrywide.”