#RETHINK TRAVEL: Welcome Travel teams up with Doxa and Connexia for the first disruptive thinking innovation competition

Doxa and Connexia, Italy’s leading market research and analysis firm and premier digital experience agency, are experimenting a new way to plan business together with Welcome Travel.

This is the spirit that gave rise to #RETHINK TRAVEL, the innovation competition in which a hundred Doxa and Connexia professionals are taking part. Divided into twenty teams, they will go head to head in an in-house competition to generate new and innovative business ideas and models for the travel industry.

The teams began work on 21 March when Welcome Travel briefed them on what was expected from their twenty projects, which must be delivered by midnight on Sunday, 8 May.

All the projects will be assessed by a panel of travel industry experts based on the parameters of innovation, feasibility and disruptive thinking: three projects will be shortlisted and the teams that created these projects will present their ideas to their colleagues and the jury panel on 26 May, when the winner will be announced.

“The most stimulating aspect of this project is the profiles of those involved,” said Gian Paolo Vairo, the CEO of Welcome Travel. “During the briefing at the Doxa / Connexia offices I found myself describing our business model to a hundred professionals who are mostly used to organising their own travel and holidays. I’m intrigued to see how they manage to match up the models and values of package tourism with their experiences up to now with how they usually purchase holidays.”

“We chose to run a competition internally and offer it to an outside company as a way of familiarising ourselves with disruptive thinking,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. I had the opportunity to attend the Singularity University’s Executive Program last year and I was really impressed by the case of, which uses competition as a tool to incentivise innovation. The psychological approach with which a challenge is viewed, workgroups that are relatively small yet contain myriad different skills and personalities, and a captivating brief form the perfect ingredients for unleashing THE IDEA that will make the difference.”

“At Doxa and Connexia we have always been very focused on spotting trends and processes that allow us to experiment within our companies, continue being as innovative as ever, and hone our ability to generate valuable businesses approaches and ideas,” said Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa. “We were really enthusiastic about partnering Welcome Travel as it is an extraordinary opportunity for growth, to improve our teamwork and learn more about our mutual skills, plus we get to work more closely and synergically with our colleagues at Connexia.”

This innovative way of working introduced by Doxa and Connexia has given Welcome Travel the opportunity to share an important and advantageous “incubator” of new ideas and projects that can become the starting point for developing future activities for the network.

And, as you would expect from any self-respecting competition, #RETHINK TRAVEL also offers an amazing prize: all the members on the winning team will fly to New York to spend four days in the Big Apple with the chance to enjoy an exclusive team-building experience while soaking up the unique atmosphere and stimuli in the heart of one of the world’s most important hubs.