Rouge Baiser Paris appoints Connexia

Rouge Baiser Paris, the famous Parisian make-up brand distributed by the Deborah Group, tasked Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven marketing and communication agency, with managing all forms of communication for the brand’s launch in Italy from the strategy and creativity to implementing all the PR and social media strategy activities and managing the media budget for the digital channel. The objective being to develop and strengthen brand awareness, ensure brand recognition in the beauty sector, and secure a leadership position in the lipstick sector.

The French brand has a long history of success: it began back in 1927 in Paris and rapidly came to symbolise femininity and seduction, and 2017 marks the year in which the brand launches in Italy in select perfumeries. To support the launch Connexia will define and handle the entire communication strategy from the positioning and creative concept through to creating and developing a multilingual website and devising and managing editorial plans for the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social channels. Connexia and a creative team comprising Creative Director Clio Zippel, Deputy Creative Director Federico Mainardi and Senior Copywriter Gianluca Villa will also coordinate the ATL campaigns and manage all the PR and digital PR activities.

We are really excited to work with a company like Rouge Baiser. The brand has enjoyed so much success in its long history which will provide an endless source of inspiration for creative ideas to use in everything we do,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. Increasingly more frequently brands are choosing Connexia as their sole partner for all their communications projects and this is very rewarding for our agency: this is the preferred route of many major brands as they choose to rationalise the multitude of actors usually involved in their marketing and communication processes and work with just one agency but only if it can naturally and instinctively devise creativity and content from an integrated, multichannel perspective.”

All the work that goes into launching a brand is what always determines whether the entire project is a success. The second half of 2017 was a crucial time for Rouge Baiser and by working with Connexia’s team we were able to lay the foundations for our official launch in Italy,” said Malvina Cova, the Marketing Director of Rouge Baiser. “We are confident that, together with Connexia, Rouge Baiser will soon be a beloved and recognised brand in Italy as well, just like in France where it is a must-have in every woman’s beauty case.”