The HELVETIA ITALIA GROUP appoints CONNEXIA for social media strategies

The Helvetia Italia Group has been operating in the Italian insurance industry for over 60 years and has now chosen the Connexia communication agency to be its communication partner as it makes its debut on social media.

This step represents a new challenge for the insurance company, which has decided to open the virtual doors of the Italian branch to the most important and best-known social media networks with its own blog.

Connexia will support the company in developing a social media strategy and provide training and hands-on help for the in-house team to make managing all the channels even easier.


Il Blog Helvetia è nato per far conoscere una realtà aziendale, diversa e molto stimolante, attraverso le testimonianze dei clienti della Compagnia ma anche di tutti coloro i quali interagiscono con il “Mondo Helvetia”. Il blog Helvetia sarà aggiornato e implementato anche con sezioni che prevedono il coinvolgimento diretto delle figure professionali della Compagnia.La grafica, i colori e l’impaginazione seguono il progetto e la filosofia dell’intero Gruppo; una scelta di immagine coordinata per meglio esprimere l’appartenenza ad un Gruppo presente anche in Svizzera, Austria, Spagna, Germania e Francia.


The Helvetia blog,, is designed to help people get to know this very diverse and stimulating company even better through testimonials from customers and from everyone who interacts with the “Helvetia World”. The Helvetia blog will be updated and enriched with sections featuring the direct involvement of the professionals who work for the company.
The graphics, colours and layout are in keeping the projects and philosophy of the entire group; the coordinated images have been selected to best convey the company’s role within a group that also operates in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Germany and France.


The Facebook page, YouTube channel and LinkedIn profile are amongst the first social networks activated by the company for its collaborators, agency network and customers, and it plans to expand its online presence to Twitter and Google+ in 2014.
The continuing growth in absolute terms of these online networks and the decision to engage with the users that make use of them were amongst the deciding factors behind the company’s choice.

Facebook represents the company’s more corporate and welcoming online presence out of the chosen social media solutions, and its layout will also be used by Helvetia agencies.
This direct engagement with fans enables Helvetia to interact with them and gives them a place to discuss insurance matters in a simpler and more effective language.

Typing in “Helvetia Assicurazioni” on provides access to the company’s channel on which you can watch videos about products, sponsorships and interviews.
The profile provides a corporate window to increase visibility and raise awareness about the Helvetia Italia Group in the world of business contacts. This social network page will be used exclusively by the group’s human resources department.


“The social media project has offered us a new way to communicate with a target audience that uses social networks above all for personal reasons in today’s world and tomorrow could use these same networks to engage with the insurance industry. So Helvetia needs to be ready to provide answers for these customers in this environment as well in a way that is keeping with the agencies. We decided it was time for us to enter the digital world,” said Sandro Scapellato, the Helvetia Marketing and Distribution Director, “And in Connexia we found a competent, experienced partner with which we can take our first steps on the social networks. The Helvetia marketing division has played a key role in moving the company towards the hitherto unknown world of social networks.
We are extremely pleased with the results achieved so far as these and the recent restyling of the Italian website have provided a new, motivating starting point for our online presence.

“Helvetia has taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by social media marketing platforms by developing a communication project that is equally internally and externally integrated. While working with the marketing department we were greatly impressed by how sincerely dedicated Helvetia was to getting this project off the ground in terms of developing the social channels and also to producing content of high value to both the company and users alike.” said Mario Corallo, Head of Social at Connexia “Following the creation of this ecosystem has been a very interesting experience from both a professional and a marketing perspective as Helvetia has introduced an extensive model for engaging users that is wide-reaching and ambitious yet also extremely well thought out”.