Treedom appoints Connexia to manage PR and media relations

Treedom, an innovative website that offers the opportunity to plant trees and follow them online to help directly fund local farmers around the world, has appointed Connexia, the Doxa Group’s data-driven creativity agency and one of the top multichannel communication players, to manage PR and media relations with the aim of developing and strengthening Treedom’s positioning in Italy.

Since Treedom was founded in Florence in 2010, it has strived to raise public awareness about environmental and sustainability issues so that it can make a real difference in helping to make our planet a “greener world”. The unique aspect of the Treedom approach is that it links the individual tree to the user who chose to plant it; this creates interaction between the two which helps to build and strengthen a bond. Each tree is geolocalised and posted on an online profile created for the owner, who then receives email updates about how the tree is doing and helping to absorb CO2.

The website also enables you to decide whether to keep the tree or gift it to someone else or another organisation with a personalised message.

Connexia was selected to help Treedom with its communication strategy with the aim of maximising the brand’s visibility, strengthening its position, and communicating the company’s offering with an original tone of voice so that Treedom can reach and engage an increasingly wider audience.

“We are very enthusiastic about this partnership,” said Federico Garcea, the CEO of Treedom. “Connexia has an excellent team of consultants and experts so we know that they can guarantee the support we need to consolidate our communication strategy. We are focused on strengthening Treedom’s position in the Italian market so that we can start to grow and expand on the international stage and we believe that Connexia is the right partner to help us accomplish our goals.

“Treedom is the first benefit corporation with which we have been asked to work. It has a truly innovative business model and approach and shares the same values as us in every respect,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Because of our history and the fact that we belong to a group that is renowned for being deeply committed to supporting third sector organisations, Connexia has always been particularly open to environmental and social issues. Developing a communication strategy, position, and promotion in the Italian market for Treedom, a for-profit company that operates like a benefit corporation, gets our creative juices flowing, enabling us to explore and experiment new possible forms of expression and tell a uniquely original story.”