The #RETHINK TRAVEL COMPETITION has recently concluded in Milan. Welcome Travel worked with Doxa and Connexia, both leading companies in their respective sectors, on a remarkable and challenging project which saw twenty teams go head to head  in a competition with a unique, innovative formula and one common goal: to generate new business ideas and models for the travel industry.

Each team was made up of five professionals from Doxa and Connexia and they delivered their projects on 8 May. The projects were then assessed by a jury panel led by Gian Paolo Vairo and Roberto Natali, the CEO and marketing director from Welcome Travel, who were assisted in their decision by Alessandro Seghi, the sales director for Alpitour, and Andrea Cortese, the marketing director for Italy at Costa Crociere.

The first goal was to select the three best proposals to go through to the final.

All the teams worked incredibly hard on devising ideas for their projects and displayed highly creative and innovative vision.

The eagerly-awaited prize-giving ceremony was held on 26 May. All of the one hundred professionals that took part in the competition watched on as the three shortlisted teams enthusiastically presented their work to their colleagues and the jury, and explained how they came up with and implemented their ideas before the final announcement was made.

Afterwards the jury announced the overall winner. They had assessed the project in terms of feasibility, innovation and disruptive thinking, which meant evaluating the team’s ability to rethink and redesign Welcome Travel’s business model from a new angle.

“It has been extremely interesting to see firsthand how Millennials view the future of travel and travel agencies,” said Gian Paolo Vairo, the CEO of Welcome Travel. In just a little under two months we have awarded the sought-after prize to the winning team and can already start to examine the ideas that have emerged with innovation as the priority. This keeps us on the front foot.”

“All industries, whatever the product, are currently undergoing extreme transformation, which is a direct result of the technological innovations and social transformations happening right now,” said Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa. “The travel industry is one of those that is most affected by change and so it is vital that the entire industry rethinks its models and approaches. The #RETHINK TRAVEL COMPETITION proved to be thought-provoking and an excellent opportunity to emphasise this belief. It produced fascinating data and pointers about what the future of the travel industry will look like, and also offered the professionals at Doxa and Connexia the chance to engage in a challenging yet unifying experience.”

“RETHINK TRAVEL is an outstanding example of business competition, which is one of the tools used by Google and other key players in Silicon Valley to ensure innovation. This tool can be adapted to suit any organisation and generates ten times more value than the winner’s prize is actually worth,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia.  “Business competition has become such an integral part of the consultancy processes at Doxa and Connexia that it is now included in our offering of #ReThink digital transformation services, which we recently launched.”

The members of the winning team – Clio Zippel, Sara Vercelli, Sofia Coppetta, Filippo Di Lella and Luca Quinzanini – won a really special prize: they will fly to New York to spend four days in the Big Apple for an experience that is completely in keeping with the spirit of innovation competition.