Connexia Società benefit


Connexia, a Retex brand, has chosen to testify its ethical commitment and corporate social responsibility by pursuing, alongside the aim of profit, goals of common benefit based on 5 macro-areas, that define Connexia’s extra-business mission and positioning.




Allocate a percentage of any profits made to non-profit organisations each year, with the specific aim of offering help (including financial help) to associations that support women and children, and to promote the protection of animals and the environment. Ethics and corporate social responsibility together: deeply interconnected. We only support organisations that are able to achieve tangible results while keeping management costs low.


We make our expertise and services available pro bono to selected non-profit organisations, offering strategic, communication and marketing consulting. We also provide technology and training, so that they have adequate resources available over time to work at their best, through the genuine transfer of knowledge.


Undertake concrete programmes to safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing, work-life balance and professional growth of individual employees, enhancing the talent of each individual in an environment based on fairness, meritocracy and genuine involvement. All our initiatives are inspired by the principles of diversity & inclusion, with an organisational approach that aims to achieve the best results through the creation of an inclusive environment where people’s unique needs are managed effectively and fairly. We believe that only companies where “people feel good” can enjoy a long lifespan, experiencing genuine innovation of products and processes.


Develop projects and communication platforms making them available free of charge whenever we believe that information, data or ideas can contribute positively to the development of a community or provide specific insights on issues of common interest. An example is our “map of generosity”, a data application that we developed in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis to track all donations of money and materials made by individual companies.


Protect the environment through a constant and timely commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. With a single principle: no to waste! No to paper waste, for example: we strive to be virtually paperless with our documents. No to CO2 waste, through the reduction of work-related travel, the use of sustainable means of transport and the frequent use of videoconferencing and smart working systems (since well before the pandemic). And there’s more: no to the excessive consumption of electricity but yes to separate waste collection, the purchase of environmentally friendly detergents, and the use of furniture, electronics and IT equipment that have been certified as energy efficient. Because although there is always a Plan B, there is no Planet B.