Welcome to the future

Connexia is creativity.
It is data-driven thinking.
It is excellence in media management.
And it is technological innovation.
Above all – Connexia is driven by passion.
It is a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, 140 professionals capable of building and expressing brand values and guiding the processes of digital transformation.
We think and develop ideas that thrive across all channels, fearless of being measured on the effectiveness of each campaign.
Expect to work with us in a new way: together, in real time, through co-creative processes continuously and experimentally oriented towards business objectives and communication.

Italians, worldwide

Let’s be clear: we find any border restrictive. So, although we’re Italian, and very Italian at that, you’ll find us in Silicon Valley checking out the latest technological innovations. Or at Web Summit, identifying trends before everyone else. Wherever there’s innovation, we’ll be there; why not come with us next time?

Make a (B) IMPACT

We are a Benefit Corporation and that means that we give equal weight to economic and financial objectives and to those relating to social and environmental impact.

Do you want to make a difference?
Come with us and discover our experience! It will be an exciting journey!

Proud to be

differently creative

We believe in an inclusive agency model, where it matters who you are, what you can do and whether you can do it better than anyone else. We focus strongly on our talent: we choose our team carefully and create an ideal work ecosystem around them. This is the only way that each individual can express themselves to their full potential, be influenced by others and work together, taking everyone’s differences into consideration.


95.7% of our ideas is based on data_

If we’re not busy creating communication campaigns, that’s because we’re there measuring the results. We continuously check them, to improve the performance of every message and drive it beyond the limits of all media.


The best ideas never stand still: they cross the borders between one type of media and another, they invade every platform, they inundate social networks. To create, manage and monitor this unprecedented force, you need the best talent. Which talent is that? Well, ours, of course!

More than social: friendly!

Milan or Rome? You decide where you’d like to meet us,
and we’ll be waiting for you with and a different concept of agency.