• Strategy

    This is our starting point. For everything. Even if it isn’t in the brief you gave us.
    We analyse the scenario, the brand, the target audiences, the competitors and each relevant element of context. We dissect each and every component of the customer experience. We always try to ask one more question, looking for answers in the data. We don’t forget any nuance of your business and are ready to discuss even those which seem to be certainties. We do not lose sight of your business and communication objectives. Ever.

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    Brand positioning

  • Creativity

    It is not a question of awards. Being creative today is about the power of ideas in fragmented contexts and with logics that break every paradigm. We believe that data, creativity and technology need to co-exist to create memorable sparks, brand recall and business results.  If you are looking for creativity as an end in itself, that isn’t us.

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    Technology isn’t just about code, development and platforms.
    Yes, we know how to help you to choose the right tech context to meet your objectives.  But, above all else, we want to travel with you on new journeys of digital transformation and new ways of involving stakeholders, employees and clients. Innovating is in our DNA. Get ready!

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    Microsoft 365 | Google Workspace | Cisco Webex | ZOOM


    Send out the right messages, choose and dialogue with the most relevant ambassadors, build lasting relationships with those who embody your brand values, break down the barriers between physical and digital experiences.  We are content producers, also thanks to Connexia Media House, our in-house production studio.

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    Our passion for data is well-known. We measure every single action, monitor the performance of every campaign: for real and without acrimony, working towards the most challenging Key Performance Indicators. Search marketing is a vital component in our positioning strategy, as is the transparent management of paid media. Integrated competencies for cross-sector, and of course measurable results.

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    Data Solution

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