Connexia is creativity. It is data-driven thinking. It is excellence in media management. And it is technological innovation.

Above all – Connexia is driven by passion.
It is a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, 145 professionals capable of building and expressing brand values and guiding the processes of digital transformation.
We think and develop ideas that thrive across all channels, fearless of being measured on the effectiveness of each campaign.
Expect to work with us in a new way: together, in real time, through co-creative processes continuously and experimentally oriented towards business objectives and communication.


To spark meaningful agency-client connections, throughout everyday co-creation experiences.


Creativity, data, media, technology and love. This is our take for the future because flexibility is the best game changer.


Our identity is fluid and yet solid, it’s composed by the building blocks of our business: Creativity, data, strategy, technology and media. Not necessarily in that order.

Basic elements

Playful, dynamic, simple. With endless possibilities.