Italiana di Fatto


Coca-Cola, the world’s largest non-alcoholic beverage company, asked Connexia to assist in developing a national campaign aimed at illustrating to Italian consumers and partners the results of a study conducted by SDA Bocconi School of Management covering the economic, social and occupational impact of Coca-Cola’s System and activities in Italy.


To illustrate the impact of Coca-Cola on the Italian economy, Connexia created the creative concept “Coca-Cola Italiana di Fatto”. Starting from this concept, the agency took care of the realization of the official brochure (copywriting and art direction) and developed a campaign that lives on different channels and platforms: a 15” video clip, declined in seven different versions, broadcasted across the major TV networks and social media platforms, as well as a printed ADV campaign. Connexia engaged real Coca-Cola’s employees in visually accompanying the most relevant insights of the study conducted by Bocconi University. CNX has also created a specially branded box to deliver the brochure to all the stakeholders of Coca-Cola.


Strategy, Creativity, Photo & Video Production.