Decathlon asked Connexia to boost and add value to the recruiting campaign of the brand, devising a communication strategy on social channels proactively aimed at a profiled target group that shares the brand’s values. Another objective was to attract talents from different fields, who at the same time have a passion for sports.


Connexia created the #SportFirst video to back a particularly targeted recruiting campaign: applicants are first and foremost sportsmen and women who are in tune with the brand values, and are shown the many career opportunities open to them when they join the Decathlon Group. The 60-second interview takes a light-hearted look at a potential applicant’s journey from the front desk to the interview room. His journey takes him through various offices and departments where he sees Decathlon employees busy with their day-to-day tasks, never losing sight of or forgetting their sporting talents.


Creativity, Strategy, Social Media Campaign, Video Production

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