The Purest Air Experience


Faber, one of the biggest manufactures of cooker hoods in the Air Quality Sector, asked Connexia to support the launch of two new and innovative products of the Air Hub product line that are able to purify the environment.

Moreover, Connexia was asked to develop a new Payoff that could celebrate and tell the history of the brand in the Air sector.


Connexia developed, created and managed the entire digital and social campaign – in fact, Connexia worked on the storytelling and on the new payoff ‘Franke’s air expert’, developing the new creative campaign that is able to create an emotional connection with the viewers, thanks also to the CGI technology used to recreate the fawn in the spot.


Digital and social campaign, new payoff, storytelling and creative campaign.

  • Digital and Social Campaign

  • New Payoff

  • CGI Animation