Close the gap, open YOUR future


Fastweb asked Connexia to develop a branded content idea through a project of emotional engagement and urban regeneration. The project’s aim was to enhance the role of Fastweb in the digital transformation field in Italy by telling his future vision about a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society.


“Close the gap, open your future”- the concept, the claim, and urban project developed by Connexia where sustainability, creativity, and inclusion come perfectly together. Connexia managed and coordinated the realization of the mural – created by the artist Giulio Rosk using Airlite© technology –, organized the event to engage Fastweb’s Social Ambassadors, and developed a digital platform that enables a virtual tour.


Creative concept, claim, urban project, social communication, social ambassador, digital platform.

  • Murales Creativity

  • Concept and Claim

  • Digital Platform