Institut Esthederm

Video-hero "La tua storia, la tua bellezza"


Launch the Excellage offer and promote the Eau Cellulaire flagship products by conveying the brand’s distinctive values.


We translated the analysis of behaviours, preferences and needs of the target audience into a concept where skin is the main focus. The slogan “Your story, your beauty” is the perfect expression of the brand’s values: each woman’s story, life and personal development can be read on their faces and on their skin. The “Your story, your beauty” video-hero, sponsored on all the brand’s social media channels as well as video displays, enabled us to build a digital campaign with editorial coverage of the social channels, digital adv and exclusive branded content consistent with the variety of touchpoints available..


Impression: 25mln
View: 2.8mln
Click: 38k

  • Social Media Campaign and production