La storia di Gemmo


Gemmo, an Italian company that is a leader in the creation and management of technological systems and energy efficiency, has commissioned Connexia to develop a branding campaign to present to its stakeholders on the occasion of the launch of a significant art exhibition, of which it is a promoter.


Connexia has conceived and produced the campaign “The Story of Gemmo,” a film that celebrates Gemmo’s ultracentennial contribution to the operation of critical Italian infrastructures (e.g., hospitals, stations, ports, airports, roads, tunnels, etc.), as well as its role in the protection and enhancement of Italy’s artistic heritage. The work, starring Alessandro Gassmann, highlights the various areas of intervention of the Vicenza-based company, telling an entrepreneurial story ‘written with light’ that has been shining for more than a hundred years, continuing to illuminate our country.


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  • La storia di Gemmo
  • La storia di Gemmo
La storia di Gemmo