SAP Italia

Mothers’ Day


Raising users’ awareness of Diversity and Inclusion, encouraging discussion about the real lives of rainbow couples and conveying SAP’s commitment to working to “make the world a better place”: a commitment that goes far beyond the technological solutions developed by the German company.


To achieve our engagement goals, we chose to make a highly emotive video, longer than the average duration of standard social media videos. We created dedicated content to celebrate Mother’s Day, with a slow emotional crescendo to the story and a slightly surprising ending that takes your breath away. The tone of voice of the narration, the straight-forward storytelling, the natural acting and a director who gently told a story of her everyday life, all contributed to the theme of diversity seen through the lens of “normality”. The result is a tribute to motherhood in all its forms, united by unconditional love.


Impressions: +3M
Unique users reached: +2M
Shares, comments, reactions: + 43k

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