Save The Duck

Brand value film "Extreme Respect"


In May 2019 vegan climber Kuntal A. Joisher was the first man ever to reach the summit of Everest without wearing any animal products. This was made possible by an exclusive suit made by Save The Duck, who decided to tell the story of this adventure.


We created the storytelling for this venture with Extreme Respect, the brand value film Save The Duck: a four-part storyline featuring the leading brand of 100% animal free down jackets and Kuntal A. Joisher, a story of shared values, respect for every form of life and genuine passion.. In addition to devising the creative concept of the docufilm and organizing the shooting, we worked on defining the social communication strategy, the press campaign and the advertising budget management.


Coverage: 3.3M
Impression: 12M
ThruPlay: 46k

  • Strategy and creativity

  • Branded content

  • Production

  • Campaign