TOGO a Sanremo per Caso


Taking advantage of Sanremo’s great visibility opportunity, Togo celebrates the right to entertainment through a multi-channel collaboration that positioned the brand as the star in innovative and iconic formats with exceptional media partners.

Connexia was called in to define the creative concept of the operation and to oversee the creative direction of all content produced by the media partners.


The protagonists of the ironic format ‘TOGO a Sanremo per Caso’ are the Neri Per Caso along with the famous chocolate-covered biscuit stick. The music group ‘interrupts’ broadcasts and interviews by chance, appearing in the most unexpected moments and situations, bringing lightheartedness and offering a ‘guilt-free’ moment of entertainment together with Togo.

The media partners involved include: Rolling Stone, Un terrone a Milano, TML Planet, Insanity Page, Radio 101, Radio 105, and RDS. Connexia was responsible for the conceptualization and creative direction of the content produced in Sanremo.



  • Creative Concept

  • Creative Direction

  • Storytelling

  • TOGO a Sanremo per Caso
  • TOGO a Sanremo per Caso
TOGO a Sanremo per Caso