Yamaha Motor Europe

Yamaha Eicma 2018 - “Keep on REVVING”


Yamaha Motor Europe asked Connexia to design and produce Global Press Première, the world’s biggest annual press event for the Japanese motorcycle brand.


As the strategic partner, for the eighth year in a row, of the Japanese company’s annual Global Press Première, Connexia devised and developed a creative concept based on the “Keep on REVVING” slogan, to highlight the passion for speed, the constant thrill seeking and the brand’s appetite for discovery and travel. The creative idea underpinned all the event production activities, social media coverage & media partnerships.


Creative Concept, Event Concept, Content Production, Event Management, Script, Coordination Host & Speakers, Location Scouting and Rental, Set design, Catering, Global Media & Dealer Management, Rider and Special Guests Management

  • Event concept

  • Event production

  • Live streaming