AgriEuro plus Connexia: creating a strong identity

AgriEuro con Connexia 
rende ancora più distintiva la propria identità valoriale

26 February 2024 – AgriEuro, one of Europe’s largest online retailers of gardening tools and agricultural landscaping machinery, in addition to cooking and food processing equipment, has chosen to join forces with Connexia’s branding strategy team for its platform repositioning project.

A dynamic and cutting-edge company, AgriEuro offers approximately 8000 different models of tools and machinery, all available for free home delivery. Via its e-commerce website, the brand sets itself apart by providing its customers with a high level of service throughout the purchasing process, from pre-sales consulting to after-sales assistance.

The Connexia team and AgriEuro’s multidisciplinary team were able to work in complete synergy on a series of structured activities. The analysis phases — which spanned the objectives, as-is process, context, competitors and targets — was supplemented by opportunities for participatory collaboration, with the involvement of stakeholders.

Objective: to increase AgriEuro’s brand awareness starting from its value proposition — vision, mission, identity, functional and emotional benefits, tone of voice and positioning statement — to better reach a target market of both expert users, who already have skills in terms of agriculture and gardening, and novices who want to take care of their green space and are seeking a professional guide for support.

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