Connexia launches its new positioning strategy with a campaign on a timeless medium: teletext!


29 February 2024 – Staying true to its creative spirit, Connexia is announcing its own repositioning strategy with a new slogan and a campaign on an unconventional medium: teletext.

CRAFTING THE LANGUAGE OF NOW is the new slogan, embodying the Retex brand’s devotion to languages. Words carry meaning and weight. Connexia recognises the value of each of the words that make up its new slogan:

Crafting: attention to detail and dedication to excellence; Connexia approaches consulting through a lens of authenticity and precision, swimming against the current of increasing homologous messages and content.

the language: language is the central force that encompasses every form of expression and communication on every channel, from TV productions to digital ecosystems, and from advertising to audience participation. Connexia has learned to identify, master and implement new languages, recognising and harnessing their value.

of now: the real challenge we face today is keeping pace with the now: new trends, new technology, new languages. This is the true arena in which brands must compete and interact. Connexia wants to position itself here, in the now.

“When the language is clear and consistent, you can craft a strong narrative on any channel,” noted Paolo d’Ammassa, Practice Lead of Marketing & Communication at Retex and CEO of its subsidiary Connexia. “We have chosen each and every word of our new slogan with great care, examining their meanings and significance. “NOW” is our driving force: only by truly understanding the present and embracing new languages will we be able to effectively guide and support our customers through our ever-changing market and society. The launch campaign is designed to underline one of our core concepts: media and content, if united by authenticity and a courageous message, can give rise to a new culture of communication.”

“The ever-changing social context, the unstoppable pace of technological innovations, and the uncertainty and dynamism of the market: we must re-examine the “now” in order to overcome all the challenges faced by our client brands. Connexia’s new positioning strategy is the result of a careful analysis of all these factors. It therefore fits seamlessly into a corporate plan that combines technological innovation and experience design to create memorable connections between brands and consumers, shaped by our data & analytics expertise,” added Fausto Caprini, CEO of Retex.Our mission is to imbue retail with new meaning, and I am sure this evolution will strengthen our market position and partnerships with our customers. After all, mastering new languages opens up a whole new world of definitions.”

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