Connexia and Doxa team up for Chatbots for Work: the corporate chatbot revolutionising company communications

17 January 2018 – Connexia and Doxa are launching Chatbots for Work, the new corporate chatbot that enables companies to instantly communicate with employees using enterprise messaging apps. A bona fide virtual assistant, the chatbot is growing in popularity and is especially effective for external communicationperlopiù . But it also offers practically unlimited applications for in-house communication as well. Such as? Providing human resources with a preferential channel for “chatting” with employees, sending service communications, reminders, and more detailed information, listening to the staff’s needs and requirements via questionnaires or surveys, and reducing the pressure on the ICT officer caused by requests.

BESPOKE SOLUTIONS – Chatbots for Work is a handy, effective and flat tool developed by our in-house team, led by Chief Innovation Officer Italo Marconi, and presented in collaboration with Doxa,” said Paolo D’Ammassa, the CEO of Connexia. “Strategists, UX designers, technologists and creatives have worked together to produce this tool which can integrate features that have been specially designed and developed to meet the specific needs of individual businesses into the frontend functions already available with the chatbot. Chatbots for Work enables employees to converse with the bot using natural-language processing (NLP) whenever and wherever they want thanks to instant messaging apps on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.”

If the chatbot cannot respond to a specific need, a “real-life” operator immediately steps in to provide the necessary second-level support. D’Ammassa highlights the “considerable” savings ensured by adopting this solution. And more besides. “In addition to major financial benefits, with Chatbots for Work we guarantee the opportunity to “build” surveys launched in real time or according to a preset schedule that can investigate the options of the people with which you work, encourage them to participate in a direct dialogue and ultimately create a closer and more immediate relationship with the company,” adds Vilma Scarpino, the CEO of Doxa.

The data generated by these interactions and surveys can be viewed on the Connexia Dashboard, the analytics platform that can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Chatbots for Work is available and integrable with:

  • Cisco Spark (integrated with WebEx);
  • Skype, Skype for Business, and Teams (integrated with Office 365);
  • Facebook Messenger (integrated with Workplace);
  • Live Agent Service Cloud (integrated with Salesforce);
  • Slack.