Connexia is the new creative agency of UNICEF Italy. The mandate is for all the fund-raising campaigns.

12 November 2019 –  The Italian Committee for UNICEF that forms an integral part of the global structure of UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), a subsidiary body of the UN that is mandated to protect and promote the rights of children and adolescents (0-18) throughout the world, as well as to contribute to improving their living conditions, after a competition in which 4 agencies participated, has identified Connexia as its creative partner for the main fund-raising campaigns in Italy.

With the aim of making a major contribution to the transition from storytelling to storydoing,  under the creative direction of Adriano Aricò and Anna Vasta, Connexia is working on the interpretation of the value purpose of UNICEF, taking care of the brand communication and promoting the credibility and the tangible impact that the work of UNICEF has on the lives of millions of children worldwide. In line with the fund-raising strategies, the creative approach will aim to place the focus on the donator throughout a path that involves acknowledging and becoming aware of the personal role and capacity of each person to bring about real and positive changes. Because even a single gesture can make the difference.

Emphasising the concept of “acting consciously”, storytelling becomes real, values come to life and commitment becomes action. Each single donation thus assumes a totally new meaning, which is emphasised by reaching solid, concrete and tabgible objectives.

“We are extremely pleased to start working with Connexia, which interpreted our competition brief in an original and creative way”, according to Chiara Aluffi Pentini, Marketing & Fundraising Director of UNICEF Italy. “We have chosen Connexia for its vocation for data-driven creativity and because the people we met transmitted their energy and their ability to listen to our needs”.

 “Connexia is extremely proud to be able to accompany UNICEF Italy in this venture. We have already set to work with the first integrated campaign for Christmas (prints, BTL, OOH, videos, digital and social), which aims to reach the widest possible target, and we feel we have a personal vocation and commitment towards this”, says Paolo D’Ammassa, CEO and Founding Partner of Connexia. We have also applied the same approach to the new Pigotta campaign, one of the most successful fund-raising campaigns of UNICEF Italy, which this year is supporting education for young girls in Niger”.

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