HoMedics returns to TV with new Smoothee IR advert signed by Connexia

5 November 2021 – HoMedics, a leading American health and wellness brand, relies on Connexia to devise and produce the TV advert dedicated to the new Smoothee IR product, a next-generation smart anti-cellulite product that reproduces a professional massage straight from your own home

On air from 5 November until 26 November, the advert was overseen by the Milan-based communication and marketing agency, which was responsible for devising and developing the creative concept, as well as producing the video content. This was realised by Media House of Connexia, the agency’s in-house CdP.

The new HoMedics advert primarily aims to showcase an innovative cellulite-fighting product that is easy to use, safe and effective.

The footage is modern, fast-paced and engaging and is supported by animated infographics highlighting the product’s features and benefits. The focus of the advert is the home, a bright, clean and orderly environment where the setting includes the pastel shades of Smoothee IR and high-key lighting.

The star of the advert is a modern-day girl struggling with smart working. After one of the day’s many meetings, she lowers the computer screen and gets up. Within seconds, we find her in her underwear ready to use her daily beauty ally. The product is then discussed while being used, through extreme close-ups and fluid, constant camera movements, allowing us to follow treatment stages step-by-step.

We are delighted with the final results achieved thanks to the support of Connexia, who has partnered with us for some time now including the entire communication part. Smoothee IR is the product that best represents HoMedics’ innovation in the world of massage and beauty devices – explains Dante Cesaro, Marketing Director of HoMedics We were personally involved in the development of this unique product. Our aim is to offer professional support just like in a beauty parlour, only straight from your own home!”

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