WALCE chooses Connexia for its 2021 lung cancer prevention awareness campaign

2 September 2021 – Connexia announces its collaboration with the NPO WALCE  for the new lung cancer awareness and information campaign.

Founded in 2006 in Turin, WALCE (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe) is a non-profit association that operates throughout Europe. It has long been involved in raising awareness about the incidence and mortality of lung cancer, the second most common form of cancer in the world and the one with the highest death rate, and in support programmes for patients and their families.

The partnership will result in a digital and social communication campaign that is intended to reach as wide an audience as possible with a dual objective: to raise awareness about risk factors, signs and symptoms linked with lung cancer, and to provide people with correct informationabout this disease, helping to eliminate the stigma that surrounds it and afflicts those affected by it, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has made patient management even more complex, intensifying their fears and feeling of abandonment.

The campaign has been developed under the creative direction of Clio Zippel by the agency’s Connexia Health division, headed by Director Claudia Comolli, and will be online from 3 to 30 November 2021, the month traditionally dedicated to raising lung cancer awareness worldwide.

Thanks to the progress made in recent years in the early diagnosis and treatment of the disease, there are now promising new treatment options that allow even those patients for whom surgery is not an option to enjoy a good and prolonged quality of life.

“We are particularly excited about the new collaborative venture and the opportunity to work alongside WALCE on the lung cancer awareness and information campaign” says Claudia Comolli, Director of Connexia Health “By pooling the specific skills of a team dedicated to healthcare communication and Connexia’s innate ability to generate innovation and digital transformation, we hope to make a significant contribution to the 2021 Walce campaign, by correctly informing the widest possible audience and helping to improve the path of lung cancer patients”.

“We are delighted to enter into this kind of partnership with Connexia” explains Professor Silvia Novello, President of WALCE : “This year, in fact, if possible, even greater importance should be attached to the traditional awareness campaign launched by our Association than in the past. This is not only because the data indicate that this serious disease is becoming increasingly common, and not necessarily among smokers alone, but also because, with the right information and early diagnosis, we can now help to significantly reduce the impact of this disease and, at the same time, instil confidence and closeness to those affected.

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