Connexia launches its new positioning strategy with a campaign on a timeless medium: teletext!


29 February 2024 – Staying true to its creative spirit, Connexia is announcing its own repositioning strategy with a new slogan and a campaign on an unconventional medium: teletext.

CRAFTING THE LANGUAGE OF NOW is the new slogan, embodying the Retex brand’s devotion to languages. Words carry meaning and weight. Connexia recognises the value of each of the words that make up its new slogan:

Crafting: attention to detail and dedication to excellence; Connexia approaches consulting through a lens of authenticity and precision, swimming against the current of increasing homologous messages and content.

the language: language is the central force that encompasses every form of expression and communication on every channel, from TV productions to digital ecosystems, and from advertising to audience participation. Connexia has learned to identify, master and implement new languages, recognising and harnessing their value.

of now: the real challenge we face today is keeping pace with the now: new trends, new technology, new languages. This is the true arena in which brands must compete and interact. Connexia wants to position itself here, in the now.

“When the language is clear and consistent, you can craft a strong narrative on any channel,” noted Paolo d’Ammassa, Practice Lead of Marketing & Communication at Retex and CEO of its subsidiary Connexia. “We have chosen each and every word of our new slogan with great care, examining their meanings and significance. “NOW” is our driving force: only by truly understanding the present and embracing new languages will we be able to effectively guide and support our customers through our ever-changing market and society. The launch campaign is designed to underline one of our core concepts: media and content, if united by authenticity and a courageous message, can give rise to a new culture of communication.”

“The ever-changing social context, the unstoppable pace of technological innovations, and the uncertainty and dynamism of the market: we must re-examine the “now” in order to overcome all the challenges faced by our client brands. Connexia’s new positioning strategy is the result of a careful analysis of all these factors. It therefore fits seamlessly into a corporate plan that combines technological innovation and experience design to create memorable connections between brands and consumers, shaped by our data & analytics expertise,” added Fausto Caprini, CEO of Retex.Our mission is to imbue retail with new meaning, and I am sure this evolution will strengthen our market position and partnerships with our customers. After all, mastering new languages opens up a whole new world of definitions.”

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AgriEuro plus Connexia: creating a strong identity

AgriEuro con Connexia 
rende ancora più distintiva la propria identità valoriale

26 February 2024 – AgriEuro, one of Europe’s largest online retailers of gardening tools and agricultural landscaping machinery, in addition to cooking and food processing equipment, has chosen to join forces with Connexia’s branding strategy team for its platform repositioning project.

A dynamic and cutting-edge company, AgriEuro offers approximately 8000 different models of tools and machinery, all available for free home delivery. Via its e-commerce website, the brand sets itself apart by providing its customers with a high level of service throughout the purchasing process, from pre-sales consulting to after-sales assistance.

The Connexia team and AgriEuro’s multidisciplinary team were able to work in complete synergy on a series of structured activities. The analysis phases — which spanned the objectives, as-is process, context, competitors and targets — was supplemented by opportunities for participatory collaboration, with the involvement of stakeholders.

Objective: to increase AgriEuro’s brand awareness starting from its value proposition — vision, mission, identity, functional and emotional benefits, tone of voice and positioning statement — to better reach a target market of both expert users, who already have skills in terms of agriculture and gardening, and novices who want to take care of their green space and are seeking a professional guide for support.

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Ticketmaster chooses Connexia for its 2024 communication strategy

Ticketmaster sceglie Connexia 
per la strategia di comunicazione 2024

20 February 2024 – Ticketmaster, an international pioneer in the sale of tickets for live events, has elected Connexia to develop its  communication strategy for 2024 following a competitive tender process.

The Connexia team will oversee all of the brand’s media relations and influencer marketing initiatives, in addition to coordinating the design and creation of dedicated content for its main social media properties, and carrying out SEO activities.

Objective: to increase awareness and strengthen Ticketmaster’s digital identity, especially in terms of customer acquisition and retention, by way of an original digital campaign that reflects the fresh, youthful and innovative spirit that has established Ticketmaster as one of the major players in live entertainment. With over 500 million transactions per year in 35 countries around the world, Ticketmaster has seen extraordinary growth on the Italian market over the past two years, and is now the second largest player in the ticketing field.

“We are delighted to be working with an experienced partner like Connexia, a company that shares our values of transparency and kinship with a large and diverse community,” stated Marco Caspani, Head of Sales & Marketing at Ticketmaster Italia.We will work together to strengthen our relationships with our users and share the brand’s values, highlighting our close and powerful connections. The overall aim is to increase Ticketmaster’s brand awareness and really bring our creativity to the fore.”

“Working alongside Ticketmaster on a project with such an interesting and challenging strategic component is a particular source of pride,” noted Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner of Strategy & Creativity at Connexia.Together, we will bring a unique story to life, helping to strengthen the brand’s position and revolutionise its language, making it increasingly modern and attractive.”

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Barilla chooses Connexia for the Social Strategy and Social Media Management of its Pasta and Sauces line

Barilla sceglie Connexia 
per la Social Strategy e il Social Media Management 
della linea Pasta e Sughi

13 February 2024 – Barilla, an Italian multinational corporation producing semolina pasta and ready-made sauces, has selected the Connexia team to define its communication strategy, providing creative consulting and social media management services for the brand’s Pasta and Sauce products.

Objective: to strengthen the brand equity and establish it as a symbol of agrifood excellence around the world, highlighting the involvement of its communities of enthusiasts and admirers, developing creativity on an editorial level, and creating global content that also resonates with the Italian market.

Following an invitation to tender that yielded three possible options, Barilla decided to entrust Connexia with the creation of its new social media strategy. The main goals are to strengthen the brand’s digital identity, to embrace dynamic management, and to improve the performance of its social media channels in terms of engagement, especially Meta and YouTube. The Retex marketing and communication brand will be responsible for the design and production of engaging original content, tailored to strengthen relationships with brand enthusiasts and cooking lovers, who are constantly looking for new ideas and premium products, and who prioritise quality and practicality.

We are satisfied with the outcome of the invitation to tender and certain that the collaboration will give rise to some interesting results,” explained Katia Desogus, Pasta Barilla Italia & Voiello Marketing Director.With the support of Connexia, Barilla will continue to nurture its relationships with its consumers, highlighting the quality and excellence of our products through engaging and relevant content for the Italian market.

Our collaboration with Connexia began with the To-Go range last year, and has now expanded to include the Pasta line, one of the cornerstones of our brand,” noted Alessio Garbin, Digital Strategy Director for the Barilla Group.This product needs an injection of energy and passion, which is why we have chosen this new approach. We are therefore planning to reduce the amount of content while increasing its quality, constantly striving to strengthen Barilla’s brand identity.

We are very excited to collaborate with Barilla, which is such a beloved company. This is an incredible opportunity to offer our own creative contribution, adding to the story and building awareness of the brand, which is already celebrated in Italy and around the world for its high-quality food products,” commented Massimiliano Trisolino, Connexia’s Managing Partner of Strategy & Creativity.Our mission has always been to apply strategies and language that engage different audiences and describe the identity and unique qualities of each brand, drawing on Retex’s internal synergies and our ability to combine data analysis skills and technological innovation. We will work alongside Barilla to increase the online presence of the Pasta and Sauce products and to foster dialogue with communities of enthusiasts.

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Connexia becomes a service provider for the Open-es Development Hub


25 January 2024 – Connexia Società Benefit is now a service provider for the Open-es Development Hub, a platform created to foster sustainable business development, offering all the community members the chance to take advantage of its ESG services. The Development Hub has identified two important areas of intervention. The first is drafting Codes of Ethics and Conduct, which represent core elements of every relationship between companies and key stakeholders. The second focuses on internal and/or external stakeholder engagement in order to strengthen the position and reputation of individual entities, which can be achieved through training on the core issues of sustainability.

Open-es is an open digital ecosystem that brings together players from the industrial, financial and institutional spheres to foster growth and transformation in terms of sustainability.

Born from the alliance of Eni, Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud at the beginning of 2021, today the community hosts over 15,500 companies on the platform, is active in 95 countries, and operates in 66 sectors.

“We are very excited to work with Open-es, as it shares our goal of supporting companies as they embrace a new approach to environmental, social, and corporate governance. In today’s landscape, sustainability is a non-competitive issue that has a vast impact on both the planet and companies’ standing within the community,” noted Zornitza Kratchmarova, Sustainability & ESG Advisory Director at Connexia and ESG Lead at Retex. “Becoming part of the Open-es Community represents a unique opportunity for us to collaborate with a wide range of entities that share our vision and recognise the strategic importance of sustainable development as the only possible way for businesses to survive in the medium- and long-term.”

Connexia’s Sustainability & ESG Advisory Unit operates across all of Retex’s business areas, working alongside other teams to offer a complete and comprehensive range of services. Objective: to integrate sustainability-related issues into companies’ business plans.

“This is the real key,” added Zornitza KratchmarovaIt is a question of ethics, but also business. Sustainability is inescapable, from financing to legislation and, above all, the market. The new generations are no longer willing to compromise on central issues such as the environment and DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion).

In this vein, Connexia has also partnered with ELITE, the programme launched by Borsa Italiana in 2012, which is now an integral part of the Euronext Group. This private market platform has helped over 2000 small and medium-sized businesses to access private and public capital markets, striving to support long-term sustainable growth and accelerate access to skills and networking. With our Sustainability & ESG Advisory Unit, we are able to support these businesses in a particularly strategic area, fostering growth to create a better future: that’s 360° sustainability.”

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The Banca Investis Group joins forces with Connexia to showcase its unique identity

16 January 2024 — A new corporate mission and an innovative company culture: the Banca Investis Group, an independent operator specialising in consulting services for managing and optimising the total assets of businesses and individuals, with a particular focus on High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), has chosen Connexia to finalise the definition and creation of the brand’s repositioning strategy.

The Banca Investis Group is a unique player in the financial and banking sphere, set apart by its business philosophy, encompassing private banking and wealth management; SGR Symphonia; M&A activities with Investis Advisory; the more traditional markets segment; and the new alternative investments line. One of the key objectives of the current project is to establish a strong and distinctive brand position among internal and external stakeholders, customers and Group members, defining a unique and innovative value proposition that unites the different business lines.

To realise this vision, Connexia’s branding strategy team has adopted a participatory method, inspired by the principles of co-creation, which involves all the Banca Investis teams: the leadership team, area & competence managers, sales team and bankers.

Through a series of structured individual and group activities, the Connexia branding strategy team supported Banca Investis and its people to define the value proposition and brand attributes, focusing on the bank’s value structure and the ways in which value is generated and returned to stakeholders. They were therefore able to pinpoint the personality and identity that best suits the brand’s characteristics, establishing a new communication paradigm to effectively respond to the current context.

“We are a company with a distinctive business model. We are definitely an exception in the financial sector, and we are particularly proud of the path we are pursuing with the Connexia team. Co-creating our brand positioning strategy was a rare opportunity in this industry, and we loved seeing our bankers get involved over the course of the two-month project. This collaboration really epitomised our approach, which is always based on listening and involvement,” explained Isabella Matera, Head of Brand Management & Corporate Communication at Banca Investis.

“Banca Investis presents itself as a robust financial institution, which has adopted a modus operandi suited to dynamic and modern markets,” noted Matteo Sbarra, Connexia’s Chief Strategy Officer.We set out to shift the focus from the institute’s vocation to innovation and transformation by way of a series of activities based on synergistic collaboration with the various company teams. We were able to collect, analyse, process and utilise a wide range of information to build Banca Investis’ brand proposition. We then consolidated its purpose, vision, mission, positioning, values and personality to define an overarching brand idea that represents the company. Banca Investis proved to be a very enthusiastic partner, wholehearted committed to defining its corporate identity and culture.”

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Rovagnati presents Paolo’s Dream, a short film about the entrepreneur who changed the history of Italian gastronomy

11 December 2023 – On 8 December, Paolo’s Dream, an animated short film celebrating the life and entrepreneurial legacy of Paolo Rovagnati was aired on the main national television networks. Eighty years after the birth of the entrepreneur, Rovagnati discusses the idea that changed the tradition of Italian gastronomy, transforming Prosciutto Cotto (cooked ham) from a product consisting of raw ham waste to a prestigious protagonist of Italian food culture.

Produced using the traditional step 3 animation technique, starting from the concept devised by the Creative Team of Connexia under the supervision of Executive Creative Director Riccardo Catagnano, and in collaboration with illustrator and Creative Director Margherita Premuroso, the video has a strong emotional charge, which appeals to emotion and memory.

The short film summarises the story of Paolo Rovagnati, starting in the 1950s when – still a boy – he tried his hand at helping his father in the family business, which at the time produced butter and marketed cheese. Following an intuition, Paolo decided to attempt a new feat: to create a unique and unmistakable product, at the time unknown on the market: a high-quality Cooked Ham. In the short film we see Paolo become a man and, over the course of a few years, attempt after attempt, realise his dream: that of giving life to Gran Biscotto, today the No. 1 product on the cooked ham market (data source: Circana). One of Paolo’s dreams is to take his products as far away as the United States. In the film, we meet the important people who surround him – his family and all the people of Rovagnati who inherited his values and the strength of his vision. In the short film’s moving finale, young Paolo wakes up from his dream – but the Rovagnati company and its success in America are now a reality.

“We are proud of the realisation of this project, which honours what Paolo bequeathed, not only to us, but to the whole country. The 80th anniversary of his birth is an opportunity to tell his story as a visionary entrepreneur, but also as an extraordinary father and husband. We particularly appreciate the fact that the short film succeeds in conveying both its professional and human dimensions, inseparably united by the idea of the dream”, explains the Rovagnati family.

“Paolo’s Dream is a tribute not only to an entrepreneur, but also to the vision, passion and perseverance that turn intuition into something great. We have chosen to tell this story through the language of animation, which is perhaps the simplest and most accessible form of communication, so that it can inspire even the youngest children, who may become the innovators of tomorrow”, adds Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia, a brand of Retex.

“Graphically recounting Paolo’s Dream Rovagnati was an exciting challenge for me. I started by researching anecdotes and stories among his family and those who had known him in life, to make his memory as tangible as possible through a character who resembled him beyond his visual appearance. I hope I was able to convey, through the plot and animation, the same combination of determination and kindness that these memories conveyed to me”, comments illustrator Margherita Premuroso.

Watch the video

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Gemmo illuminates Italian beauty and presents a cinematic work with Alessandro Gassmann

6 December 2023 – An original video opera, starring Alessandro Gassmann, with the beauty of our artistic heritage at its centre, which Gemmo helps to protect and make work.

Presented yesterday, in the stunning setting of Palazzo Reale in Milan, during the inauguration of Patrizia Mussa’s exhibition, “Theatricality. Architectures for Wonder”, sponsored by Gemmo, the work was realised by director Luca Lucini, in collaboration with Connexia, the marketing and communication brand of the MarTech company Retex, which launched a new evocative and visionary communication campaign on Gemmo’s mission.

The film turns the spotlight on Gemmo’s various fields of activity, telling an entrepreneurial story “written with light” which has continued to make our country shine for more than a hundred years.

Gemmo is a leading Italian company in the construction and management of complex technological systems for public and private strategic infrastructures, such as ports, airports, hospitals, architectural cultural heritage, railway stations, tunnels, business and commercial centres, providing facility management, efficiency and energy management services.

The presence of Gassmann, whose monologue traverses the most evocative places in Vicenza – the city where Gemmo still has its headquarters after 100 years, the animations drawn by the light, activated by his words, and the soundtrack by Fabrizio Campanelli, nominated for the David di Donatello and Nastro D’Argento awards, make the story even more engaging.

This is a story that foregrounds the contribution with which the company, now in its third generation, writes the future of our country, combining continuous technological innovation with care for beauty.

With the application of the most modern restoration and maintenance techniques, Gemmo has been giving new life to Italy’s artistic heritage for decades, aware that culture and beauty are the building blocks of our national identity and, as such, must be preserved and passed on.

A few of the most important projects include: the renovation and management of the installations of the Reggia di Venaria and the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the lighting system of the Basilica Palladiana and the buildings in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, the energy efficiency work of 91 archaeological sites and museums in Sicily, and the construction of new installations for the Arena in Verona.

Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia, comments: “Exploring Gemmo’s contribution to the functioning of Italy’s infrastructure made it possible to understand how crucial ‘behind the scenes’ companies like Gemmo are to everyone’s life. Telling this entrepreneurial story today means celebrating the greatness of a family business in the service of the country, with an authorial and artistic slant.”

Irene Gemmo, President of Gemmo, says: “At Gemmo, we believe that true innovation lies in the harmony between technology and tradition, in the interweaving of light and history. The collaboration with Connexia for this film allows us to highlight our commitment to innovating the art and beauty of our country through technology. We are proud to illuminate our path with the light of innovation, with a work that speaks to the heart and soul. Thanks to Alessandro Gassmann’s extraordinary narration, the film perfectly demonstrates Gemmo’s desire to be the architect of a bright and sustainable future, and how it achieves this precisely by operating in the places that are the guardians of tradition.”

Watch the video

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Quasar on air with new communication campaign integrated by Connexia

campagna quasar on air

05 December 2023 – Quasar, a brand of professionally effective household cleaning products from Real Chimica, a leading company in the home and laundry care market, has returned with a new advert and an integrated communication campaign.

The creative concept was conceived by the team at Connexia, the marketing and communication branch of the MarTech company Retex, and realised in collaboration with the production company The BigMama.

Developed in 30″, 20″ and 15″ formats for TV and in 15″ format for radio, the advert is an integral part of a communication campaign on the main national networks and major radio frequencies, in conjunction with a press campaign in trade publications and an online campaign in programmatic advertising.

The advertising focuses on Quasar’s wide range of products and presents the new Dirt Shield Technology that sets them apart, humorously explaining how cleaning affects our lives even in the most unimaginable moments. The arrival of Quasar – with new technology that creates a shield to slow down the accumulation of dirt and dust on all surfaces – is therefore “liberating”, as it guarantees a cleaner home for longer!

With the entry of Quasar and the on-air arrival of this campaign, we have consolidated our expertise in the FMCG industry,” comments Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia.  “To tell the story of such an innovative product, we chose to dramatise a moment related to household cleaning which many of us will recognise ourselves. With lightness and a touch of humour, it shows that you no longer need to spend your days cleaning all the time – thanks to Quasar’s new dirt shield.”


Melinda entrusts Connexia with its social media strategy

Melinda sceglie Connexia per la Social Media Strategy

14 November 2023 – Melinda, the Trentino Consortium formed to promote the celebrated apples from the Noce Valleys (Non and Sole Valleys), has engaged Connexia’s communication and marketing team to create a communication strategy, provide creative consulting services, and manage all the initiatives on the brand’s social media properties.

At the end of a call for tenders that involved multiple players, the Melinda Consortium, which produces 400,000 tons of apples every year and represents over 4,000 families of Trentino fruit growers, commissioned Connexia to develop a social media strategy for its properties. The brand’s primary goal is to strengthen its digital identity and increase its performance in terms of awareness and engagement on social media channels, especially Meta and LinkedIn. Connexia is also responsible for populating the blog on the website with content and optimising the budget allocated to social media advertising campaigns by Melinda.

Connexia will create and produce modern and engaging content in order to bring the Melinda brand closer to fans of its apples and processed products, fostering conversations on the main social media platforms. This content will showcase the quality, wholesomeness and innovative characteristics of the products, as well as the key elements of Melinda’s identity: its spirit of collaboration, the family-like relationships between its members, its strong roots in the Trentino area, and, above all, the sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. The Melinda Consortium was founded in 1989 to maximise the profits of its 16 member cooperatives by prioritising the quality of their products and processes, guided by a strong respect for the land. Today, Melinda is also leading the way in terms of  sustainability: the consortium uses underground warehouses, the first and only cold storage system for fruit that allows for significant savings in terms of electricity and water consumption.

Social media is increasingly important for businesses like Melinda who want to speak directly to their customers. Corporate social media channels are an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and foster dialogue with consumers, especially younger age groups, who can be difficult to reach through other channels,”  explained Andrea Fedrizzi, the Marketing and Communication Manager for the Melinda Consortium. “Our awareness of these issues inspired us to enter into a partnership with Connexia, who was identified as the best strategic and operational consultant in a pool of specialised companies.

“We are proud to have been chosen by the consortium to provide strategic and creative services to a “love brand” like Melinda, helping to raise its profile,” noted Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “We will work alongside the consortium, channelling the brand’s identity and reputation into original and relevant content. Additionally, we will create an editorial strategy for its social media properties in line with Melinda’s values, especially quality and sustainability, thereby strengthening the brand’s relationship with its target market and engaging a younger target market using “fresh” and captivating creative content.

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Cereal Docks celebrates its fortieth birthday with a new marketing campaign: “The Ingredients”

24 October 2023 – Starting today, Cereal Docks is serving up a brand awareness campaign entitled “The Ingredients” (Gli Ingredienti) to celebrate the first 40 years of the Camisano Vicentino company, which has established itself as a leader in primary food processing. The communication strategy, creative concept and planning for the print and digital campaign were the work of the team at Connexia, the marketing and communication brand from the Martech company Retex.

Cereal Docks is the leading Italian industrial group in terms of processing agricultural products to produce ingredients (flours, oils, lecithins, gluten-free flours, precooked flours, grits) from oilseeds and cereals. Its products are intended for use in the feed, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical and energy sectors. Founded by Mauro Fanin in 1983, Cereal Docks is launching its first communication campaign 40 years after its inception.

This campaign, developed by the Connexia creative team from Retex, will be presented online and in print to tell the general public and all the players in the supply chain about the Italian group that provides their ingredients. In fact, Cereal Docks’ 11 factories process 3 million tonnes of cereals and oilseeds every year, working alongside over 17,000 Italian agricultural companies. The Cereal Docks Group therefore supplies the core ingredients that keep many major national agri-food supply chains running smoothly, as highlighted in the campaign.

In line with the Ingredients of change brand idea from the group’s recent rebranding, also by Connexia, the campaign reveals everything that goes into our food products and pet foods: care, safety, quality, sustainability and guaranteed traceability, rooted in strong relationships with the world of agriculture, other players in the supply chain, and the expertise of Cereal Docks’ agronomists.

For 40 years, we have been transforming plant-based raw materials into safe ingredients for many sectors, drawing on our passion and expertise,” explained Mauro Fanin, President and CEO of the Cereal Docks Group. “Through our work, we are constantly striving to create value throughout the entire supply chain, in addition to respecting the environment, people and animals. With this campaign, we wanted to show our partners and the public who we really are: a vital link in the agri-food supply chain (and other sectors), bringing high-quality Made in Italy products to the world.”

We are very proud that Cereal Docks has entrusted our creative team with this incredibly important inaugural campaign, demonstrating its trust in Connexia,” noted Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director at Connexia. “Cereal Docks provides safe and traceable ingredients for many of the products we consume every day. With this campaign, we wanted to showcase the quality and safety of these staple ingredients, backed by Cereal Docks’ decades of knowledge and experience. The group is a linchpin – a key ingredient – of the entire supply chain.”

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The new ENGIE multichannel campaign from Connexia is on air.


11 October 2023 – ENGIE, one of the main players in the energy market, serving domestic users, condominiums, businesses and institutions, is back with a brand and product advertising campaign for TV, digital and social media channels.

The creative concept and deliverables for the new multi-subject campaign were conceived by the team at Connexia, the marketing and communications brand from the MarTech company Retex.

ENGIE is an international company with a green and future-oriented philosophy. It is therefore working to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy through solutions based on energy efficiency and respect for the environment. With offers tailored to each target market, the company has 1 million retail customers in Italy and is responsible for the energy efficiency of 350 municipalities and 650,000 public lights.

Since it began in 2022, the collaboration between ENGIE Italia and Connexia has resulted in numerous communication initiatives, including adapting the parent company’s brand campaign for the Italian market, creating digital campaigns, and defining the B2C positioning strategy. The new campaign, created and produced by Connexia under the creative direction of Riccardo Catagnano, responds to two objectives: strengthening the position of the ENGIE brand in the Italian market and promoting its consumer offer. The result is a unique key visual that ties together the brand and product communication objectives, transforming the graphic element in the logo into a symbol of ENGIE’s own energy, which flows, activates and brings the image to life.

The story focuses on three key themes: the brand’s commitment to sustainability and use of green energy; its energy provision and energy efficiency services for the domestic segment, companies and public authorities; and the two main offers for end consumers, at fixed and variable rates. This narrative gave rise to a campaign spanning multiple subjects and formats.

Since 24 September, the comprehensive initiative, based on a heterogeneous target market aged 35+, has been running on the main television channels and CTV network, on the primary publisher networks and on the Google and Meta platforms, with adverts in different formats: a 30-second version, which talks about ENGIE’s services on a broad scale, and two 15-second versions, which focus on more specific target markets.

The energy transition, a focus on new generations, and strong roots in the area are the key elements of ENGIE’s communications,” explained Laura Masi, Brand, Communication & Public Relations Director at ENGIE. “We wanted to create a narrative that could reach a very wide audience and explain the activities of our competent and reliable company, which is present throughout the energy supply chain, in addition to highlighting the values that shape the work of all ENGIE personnel, who are striving to meet our Carbon Neutrality objectives every day.

Today, talking about energy, which most Italians viewed as a simple commodity until just over a year ago, is a complex challenge,”  noted Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director at Connexia. “Now that energy is debated on a daily basis, it’s time to talk about the commitment, ideas and “energy” that a global player like ENGIE pours into the world to improve the efficiency of companies and institutions, and to be closer to its end consumers.

Watch the advert

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“COSÌ VICINA, COSÌ ITALIANA” The campaign dedicated to Coca-Cola’s impact throughout the country will launch on Friday 29 September

21 September 2023 – Coca-Cola launches “Così vicina, così italiana” (So Close, So Italian): a campaign to explain the data from the research carried out by SDA Bocconi School of Management on the socio-economic impact of Coca-Cola Italia, Coca-Cola HBC Italia and Sibeg, the three companies that represent Coca-Cola in Italy.

Starting from Friday 29 September, Coca-Cola will release a print campaign in national and local newspapers, as well as a 15-second video on the main national and local television stations, online and on social media.

The campaign follows the movements of the Dynamic Ribbon, highlighting one of the most iconic elements of the Coca-Cola brand. This tie binds the company to Italy, uniting everyone who has played an active role in Coca-Cola’s relationship with the country since 1927: all those who care about Italian ingredients, like the 100% Italian citrus fruits used to make Fanta; the people who work in Coca-Cola’s offices and factories across 7 Italian regions (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Abruzzo, Campania, Basilicata and Sicily); the sales force who interact with bars, restaurants and other Coca-Cola distributors on a daily basis; and finally the consumers, who love to enjoy and share Coca-Cola products. The stars of the campaign include Ivan, an entrepreneur in the Sicilian citrus supply chain; Arianna, the Plant Quality & Food Safety Manager for the Marcianise (Caserta) plant; Massimo, a business developer from Naples; and Margaus, a sales executive from Sicily.

Coca-Cola’s bond with the community and relationship with its supply chain inspired the title of the SDA Bocconi study: “Così vicina, così italiana” (So Close, So Italian). This research can be consulted on the dedicated web page, where you can find the key figures and download the whole document.

The website can also be reached via the QR code that will be found on all press materials; on the 1-litre Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero bottles; on the KeelClip packaging, an innovative 100% recyclable FSC paper system that completely eliminates the need for plastic wrapping on the multipacks of 150 ml cans; as well as on the communication materials created for the campaign, such as pizza boxes, delivery bags, banners and posters at selected points of sale.

Created by Connexia, the communication and marketing brand of the Martech company Retex, under the creative direction of Anna Vasta and Adriano Aricò, the campaign is implemented by EssenceMediacom, which formulated a multimedia plan including TV, press, digital and social media activities. The press office is managed by SEC Newgate Italia.

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