Cereal Docks celebrates its fortieth birthday with a new marketing campaign: “The Ingredients”

24 October 2023 – Starting today, Cereal Docks is serving up a brand awareness campaign entitled “The Ingredients” (Gli Ingredienti) to celebrate the first 40 years of the Camisano Vicentino company, which has established itself as a leader in primary food processing. The communication strategy, creative concept and planning for the print and digital campaign were the work of the team at Connexia, the marketing and communication brand from the Martech company Retex.

Cereal Docks is the leading Italian industrial group in terms of processing agricultural products to produce ingredients (flours, oils, lecithins, gluten-free flours, precooked flours, grits) from oilseeds and cereals. Its products are intended for use in the feed, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, technical and energy sectors. Founded by Mauro Fanin in 1983, Cereal Docks is launching its first communication campaign 40 years after its inception.

This campaign, developed by the Connexia creative team from Retex, will be presented online and in print to tell the general public and all the players in the supply chain about the Italian group that provides their ingredients. In fact, Cereal Docks’ 11 factories process 3 million tonnes of cereals and oilseeds every year, working alongside over 17,000 Italian agricultural companies. The Cereal Docks Group therefore supplies the core ingredients that keep many major national agri-food supply chains running smoothly, as highlighted in the campaign.

In line with the Ingredients of change brand idea from the group’s recent rebranding, also by Connexia, the campaign reveals everything that goes into our food products and pet foods: care, safety, quality, sustainability and guaranteed traceability, rooted in strong relationships with the world of agriculture, other players in the supply chain, and the expertise of Cereal Docks’ agronomists.

For 40 years, we have been transforming plant-based raw materials into safe ingredients for many sectors, drawing on our passion and expertise,” explained Mauro Fanin, President and CEO of the Cereal Docks Group. “Through our work, we are constantly striving to create value throughout the entire supply chain, in addition to respecting the environment, people and animals. With this campaign, we wanted to show our partners and the public who we really are: a vital link in the agri-food supply chain (and other sectors), bringing high-quality Made in Italy products to the world.”

We are very proud that Cereal Docks has entrusted our creative team with this incredibly important inaugural campaign, demonstrating its trust in Connexia,” noted Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director at Connexia. “Cereal Docks provides safe and traceable ingredients for many of the products we consume every day. With this campaign, we wanted to showcase the quality and safety of these staple ingredients, backed by Cereal Docks’ decades of knowledge and experience. The group is a linchpin – a key ingredient – of the entire supply chain.”

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