Gemmo illuminates Italian beauty and presents a cinematic work with Alessandro Gassmann

6 December 2023 – An original video opera, starring Alessandro Gassmann, with the beauty of our artistic heritage at its centre, which Gemmo helps to protect and make work.

Presented yesterday, in the stunning setting of Palazzo Reale in Milan, during the inauguration of Patrizia Mussa’s exhibition, “Theatricality. Architectures for Wonder”, sponsored by Gemmo, the work was realised by director Luca Lucini, in collaboration with Connexia, the marketing and communication brand of the MarTech company Retex, which launched a new evocative and visionary communication campaign on Gemmo’s mission.

The film turns the spotlight on Gemmo’s various fields of activity, telling an entrepreneurial story “written with light” which has continued to make our country shine for more than a hundred years.

Gemmo is a leading Italian company in the construction and management of complex technological systems for public and private strategic infrastructures, such as ports, airports, hospitals, architectural cultural heritage, railway stations, tunnels, business and commercial centres, providing facility management, efficiency and energy management services.

The presence of Gassmann, whose monologue traverses the most evocative places in Vicenza – the city where Gemmo still has its headquarters after 100 years, the animations drawn by the light, activated by his words, and the soundtrack by Fabrizio Campanelli, nominated for the David di Donatello and Nastro D’Argento awards, make the story even more engaging.

This is a story that foregrounds the contribution with which the company, now in its third generation, writes the future of our country, combining continuous technological innovation with care for beauty.

With the application of the most modern restoration and maintenance techniques, Gemmo has been giving new life to Italy’s artistic heritage for decades, aware that culture and beauty are the building blocks of our national identity and, as such, must be preserved and passed on.

A few of the most important projects include: the renovation and management of the installations of the Reggia di Venaria and the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the lighting system of the Basilica Palladiana and the buildings in Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, the energy efficiency work of 91 archaeological sites and museums in Sicily, and the construction of new installations for the Arena in Verona.

Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia, comments: “Exploring Gemmo’s contribution to the functioning of Italy’s infrastructure made it possible to understand how crucial ‘behind the scenes’ companies like Gemmo are to everyone’s life. Telling this entrepreneurial story today means celebrating the greatness of a family business in the service of the country, with an authorial and artistic slant.”

Irene Gemmo, President of Gemmo, says: “At Gemmo, we believe that true innovation lies in the harmony between technology and tradition, in the interweaving of light and history. The collaboration with Connexia for this film allows us to highlight our commitment to innovating the art and beauty of our country through technology. We are proud to illuminate our path with the light of innovation, with a work that speaks to the heart and soul. Thanks to Alessandro Gassmann’s extraordinary narration, the film perfectly demonstrates Gemmo’s desire to be the architect of a bright and sustainable future, and how it achieves this precisely by operating in the places that are the guardians of tradition.”

Watch the video

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