Melinda entrusts Connexia with its social media strategy

Melinda sceglie Connexia per la Social Media Strategy

14 November 2023 – Melinda, the Trentino Consortium formed to promote the celebrated apples from the Noce Valleys (Non and Sole Valleys), has engaged Connexia’s communication and marketing team to create a communication strategy, provide creative consulting services, and manage all the initiatives on the brand’s social media properties.

At the end of a call for tenders that involved multiple players, the Melinda Consortium, which produces 400,000 tons of apples every year and represents over 4,000 families of Trentino fruit growers, commissioned Connexia to develop a social media strategy for its properties. The brand’s primary goal is to strengthen its digital identity and increase its performance in terms of awareness and engagement on social media channels, especially Meta and LinkedIn. Connexia is also responsible for populating the blog on the website with content and optimising the budget allocated to social media advertising campaigns by Melinda.

Connexia will create and produce modern and engaging content in order to bring the Melinda brand closer to fans of its apples and processed products, fostering conversations on the main social media platforms. This content will showcase the quality, wholesomeness and innovative characteristics of the products, as well as the key elements of Melinda’s identity: its spirit of collaboration, the family-like relationships between its members, its strong roots in the Trentino area, and, above all, the sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. The Melinda Consortium was founded in 1989 to maximise the profits of its 16 member cooperatives by prioritising the quality of their products and processes, guided by a strong respect for the land. Today, Melinda is also leading the way in terms of  sustainability: the consortium uses underground warehouses, the first and only cold storage system for fruit that allows for significant savings in terms of electricity and water consumption.

Social media is increasingly important for businesses like Melinda who want to speak directly to their customers. Corporate social media channels are an opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and foster dialogue with consumers, especially younger age groups, who can be difficult to reach through other channels,”  explained Andrea Fedrizzi, the Marketing and Communication Manager for the Melinda Consortium. “Our awareness of these issues inspired us to enter into a partnership with Connexia, who was identified as the best strategic and operational consultant in a pool of specialised companies.

“We are proud to have been chosen by the consortium to provide strategic and creative services to a “love brand” like Melinda, helping to raise its profile,” noted Massimiliano Trisolino, Managing Partner Strategy & Creativity at Connexia. “We will work alongside the consortium, channelling the brand’s identity and reputation into original and relevant content. Additionally, we will create an editorial strategy for its social media properties in line with Melinda’s values, especially quality and sustainability, thereby strengthening the brand’s relationship with its target market and engaging a younger target market using “fresh” and captivating creative content.

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