Quasar on air with new communication campaign integrated by Connexia

campagna quasar on air

05 December 2023 – Quasar, a brand of professionally effective household cleaning products from Real Chimica, a leading company in the home and laundry care market, has returned with a new advert and an integrated communication campaign.

The creative concept was conceived by the team at Connexia, the marketing and communication branch of the MarTech company Retex, and realised in collaboration with the production company The BigMama.

Developed in 30″, 20″ and 15″ formats for TV and in 15″ format for radio, the advert is an integral part of a communication campaign on the main national networks and major radio frequencies, in conjunction with a press campaign in trade publications and an online campaign in programmatic advertising.

The advertising focuses on Quasar’s wide range of products and presents the new Dirt Shield Technology that sets them apart, humorously explaining how cleaning affects our lives even in the most unimaginable moments. The arrival of Quasar – with new technology that creates a shield to slow down the accumulation of dirt and dust on all surfaces – is therefore “liberating”, as it guarantees a cleaner home for longer!

With the entry of Quasar and the on-air arrival of this campaign, we have consolidated our expertise in the FMCG industry,” comments Riccardo Catagnano, Executive Creative Director of Connexia.  “To tell the story of such an innovative product, we chose to dramatise a moment related to household cleaning which many of us will recognise ourselves. With lightness and a touch of humour, it shows that you no longer need to spend your days cleaning all the time – thanks to Quasar’s new dirt shield.”