The Banca Investis Group joins forces with Connexia to showcase its unique identity

16 January 2024 — A new corporate mission and an innovative company culture: the Banca Investis Group, an independent operator specialising in consulting services for managing and optimising the total assets of businesses and individuals, with a particular focus on High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI), has chosen Connexia to finalise the definition and creation of the brand’s repositioning strategy.

The Banca Investis Group is a unique player in the financial and banking sphere, set apart by its business philosophy, encompassing private banking and wealth management; SGR Symphonia; M&A activities with Investis Advisory; the more traditional markets segment; and the new alternative investments line. One of the key objectives of the current project is to establish a strong and distinctive brand position among internal and external stakeholders, customers and Group members, defining a unique and innovative value proposition that unites the different business lines.

To realise this vision, Connexia’s branding strategy team has adopted a participatory method, inspired by the principles of co-creation, which involves all the Banca Investis teams: the leadership team, area & competence managers, sales team and bankers.

Through a series of structured individual and group activities, the Connexia branding strategy team supported Banca Investis and its people to define the value proposition and brand attributes, focusing on the bank’s value structure and the ways in which value is generated and returned to stakeholders. They were therefore able to pinpoint the personality and identity that best suits the brand’s characteristics, establishing a new communication paradigm to effectively respond to the current context.

“We are a company with a distinctive business model. We are definitely an exception in the financial sector, and we are particularly proud of the path we are pursuing with the Connexia team. Co-creating our brand positioning strategy was a rare opportunity in this industry, and we loved seeing our bankers get involved over the course of the two-month project. This collaboration really epitomised our approach, which is always based on listening and involvement,” explained Isabella Matera, Head of Brand Management & Corporate Communication at Banca Investis.

“Banca Investis presents itself as a robust financial institution, which has adopted a modus operandi suited to dynamic and modern markets,” noted Matteo Sbarra, Connexia’s Chief Strategy Officer.We set out to shift the focus from the institute’s vocation to innovation and transformation by way of a series of activities based on synergistic collaboration with the various company teams. We were able to collect, analyse, process and utilise a wide range of information to build Banca Investis’ brand proposition. We then consolidated its purpose, vision, mission, positioning, values and personality to define an overarching brand idea that represents the company. Banca Investis proved to be a very enthusiastic partner, wholehearted committed to defining its corporate identity and culture.”

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