Singularity University Italy Summit
Accelerating exponential technologies

The future of the planet is in the hands of those who understand its complexity.

Singularity University, the global community that uses exponential technologies to design and build innovative and strategic solutions, has accepted the challenge of bringing the SingularityU Summit  to Italy for the third time on 8-9 October 2019 at the MiCo Milano Convention Center.

As its Technical Partner the SingularityU Italy Summit has chosen Connexia, the data-driven marketing and communication agency and savvy exponent of change and digital transformation.

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in 2008, Singularity University brings together innovators and influencers from all over the world to build a network that can help companies, institutions, individual entrepreneurs, researchers, and thinkers to achieve exponential results by transforming their most innovative and disruptive ideas into market-ready prototypes market. Self-driving cars. 3D printers that can produce prosthetics and artificial limbs. Social robots that interact with human beings. If you can imagine it, the young talents at SingularityU have probably already done it.

The SingularityU Italy Summit 2019 will showcase innovation, accelerative technologies, and international talents during an immersive two-day event, placing the spotlight on real experiences, methods and actions that can transform even the most ambitious goals into massive opportunities for businesses revolutionise humanity.

Shaping the future on innovative methods and exponential technology so we become the disrupters: to achieve this SingularityU is committed to promoting widespread, cross-sectoral and transgenerational affinities among diverse talents, including in the Italian network, helping them to build a different world and develop a new level of awareness and understanding.”

David Orban, President of the SingularityU Italy Summit.